Two Day Team-Building and Leadership Skills Event

On Friday 26th and Saturday 27th November, 2021 there was a Two Day Team-Building Event which was organised by Yatima Outreach for the Management and Heads of Department at Patmos School.  The event took place at Ufungamano and Oak place respectively and members consisted of a team from Yatima Outreach and Patmos School and Yatima Corporate office staff and ACK Madeleine School from Bungoma.


The Patmos School contingent  was represented by the Founder and School Director Mr.Richard Wanjala, Head teacher Mrs Masinde, the  Deputy Head teacher as well as the Head of social work, Accounts and the Assistant Administrator.


Activities on the first day were from 8am to 5pm and focused on Procurement processes, HR, Sponsorship and Child Protection policies.  On the second day, the team from Bungoma made an early tour of  Patmos School before everybody made their way to Oak Place which was the venue for the events that day.  


The session placed emphasis on team-building activities as well as on leadership and problem solving skills. Outsourced facilitators from Vital Solutions Africa conducted the activities and certificates were awarded for the various activities.  The activities were both indoors  and outdoors and the sessions encouraged interaction between staff from the different schools and management.  The practical exercises were focused on working as a team and promoting leadership skills.  After each exercise, the facilitator collected feedback which she used to explain team work and leadership skills.


During the course of the day the team were served a hot breakfast as well as lunch.  This was provided courtesy of Yatima Outreach.


At the end of this two day event, various staff members/departments were given awards in recognition of their work.  The Patmos Education and the Social Work department both received awards for the best program.  Mr Acquines Sikuku was awarded the second most improved employee.


Participants in this two day team building program found the event to be educational, exciting and fun and a good way of interacting with other members of staff.

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Staff from Yatima Outreach, Patmos School, Nairobi and ACK Madeleine School, Bungoma attended the To Day Team-Building Event.

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