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Photographer Ronnie Mosley from the USA visits Patmos School

In late October 2020 renowned photographer Ronnie Mosley from the USA visited Patmos School.  He spent several days in Mathare speaking with the Headmaster, school staff, school social workers  as well as meeting with Tom Wambulwa of Yatima Outreach and his colleagues.

As a supporter and friend of Orphan Outreach USA, they invited Ronnie to visit Patmos School so that he might document in videos and photographs the lives of the school children and their families.  During his time in Mathare Ronnie took photos of the new Patmos School building which was funded by Orphan Outreach supporters.  He was also able to see first-hand how the school was supporting the children and their families during the period of school lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The school have been providing twice weekly supplies of food and water to families in the community as well as ensuring all the children were able to receive some tuition through the Patmos School Distance Learning Program.

In addition to supporting families of Patmos School children during the pandemic, Orphan Outreach also provided additional funding to enable over 42 families in the community who are not connected with the school to benefit from a donation of food supplies.

Orphan Outreach are working hard to recruit new sponsors for Patmos School children and to connect the school with new donors. 

Please click on the below link to view the videos and photographs that were taken by Ronnie Mosley during his visit to Patmos School.

Anyone interested in becoming a school sponsor should visit the Orphan Outreach sponsorship site:

Ronnie Mosley USA photographer Oct 2020.

Ronnie Mosley from the USA meeting with Tom Wambulwa at Patmos School.  October 2020

Ronnie, tom, sohpy project officer, Jack

Ronnie speaking with Tom from Yatima Outreach, Sophy the Project Officer, Jackson the school social worker and some interns who are working at the school.

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