Vacation Bible School                 

During the last week of March 2022, pupils at Patmos School attended a Vacation Bible School event at the school.

Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a fun-filled program many churches offer, usually during the summer (“vacation”) months, to connect with the children and families in their communities.  It is an outreach event and the purpose is to incorporate themed activities that entertain children with the chance also to learn about God. Vacation Bible School is a popular end of term activity for Christians and non-Christians alike. Churches generally run Vacation Bible School for a week, and each program has its own theme that children can explore. A week of VBS usually includes games, snacks, crafts,  and, of course, Bible lessons.


The lessons and teachings for this VBS event focused on forgiveness:  'Forgive and you will be Forgiven'.  The lessons and activities were designed to accommodate children of all different ages whilst focusing on this core message of forgiveness taken from the Bible.  The essence of the teachings for the whole week was that of love and kindness.

Staff participated in many of the fun activities alongside the children in an attempt to motivate them to take part.


At the end of the week the children were asked to reflect on the teachings/lessons they had been taught.  They were encouraged to share some of their personal stories about their own lives, positive and negatives, and how they might deal with those situations now.  

Orphan Outreach/Yatima Outreach and Patmos School  are passionate about conscious living and spirituality. We Partner with Parklands Baptist Church which hosts Vacation Bible School (VBS) every year. Pupils from Patmos School have attended the VBS consistently since 2016.

VBS 3 March 2022.jpg
VBS March 2022.jpg

Pupils of all age groups at Patmos School attended the VBS event in March 2022.

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VBS 1 March 2022.jpg
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Pupils and staff participated in the games and activities.