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Shannon Sharp and Friends from USA visit the School

On Thursday 11th January, 2024  Shannon Sharp and a group of her close friends from the USA visited Patmos Cottage School. 


Last year Shannon came across the school website, and having read about the school she decided that when she and her friends visited Kenya in 2024, that they would very much like to visit the school and donate supplies of much needed school text books and stationery.  So Shannon got in touch with the Director of the school last year and since that time she  has been liaising with him prior to the visit to firm up arrangements.  The group were visiting Kenya in January this year for a very special occasion and kindly took time out of their busy schedule to visit the school. 


The Founder and Director of the school, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, together with his assistant, met with the visitors at their hotel in Nairobi.  They then accompanied them to the Text Book Centre at the Sarit Centre which stocks a comprehensive range of school text books and stationery supplies.  With the guidance of Richard, the guests bought dozens of  Grade 7 text books on the arts and integrated sciences as well as encyclopedias, English and Kiswahili dictionaries, exercise books, Bibles, pens, pencils and chalk.


After a busy morning shopping for the school supplies, the guests arrived at Patmos Cottage School in the afternoon where they were greeted by the happy smiling faces of the children.  Shannon and the group were given a full tour of the school and everyone then convened to the school recreational area where all the children and staff were assembled in eager anticipation of the visitors.


After opening prayers, all Patmos school staff then introduced themselves to the visitors who in turn introduced themselves to the school.  There then followed a presentation by the school children where they entertained the guests with traditional songs and dances.  The Director of the school then gave an inspirational speech to the visitors in which he conveyed a full history of the school from it’s humble beginnings to the purpose built school that exists today which serves over 200 children.  The Headmistress then gave a speech highlighting the academic achievements of the school, including the recent amazing KCPE exam results and outlining plans for the future and the trajectory for further progress.  The Head of Social Work then spoke briefly about the important assistance they provide for the children and the impactful initiatives they have introduced at the school.  They also mentioned the many challenges the children and their families face on a daily basis in Mathare.


After the speeches the guests had an opportunity to interact with the school children and the staff.  The afternoon ended with the donation of books and school supplies. 


Visits like this to Patmos Cottage School are always hugely motivational for the pupils and staff alike and serve to inspire them and nurture a sense of pride in their school.  Therefore, we are immensely grateful to Shannon and her friends for their kindness in visiting the school and for their generous donation of school text books, stationery and other school equipment.


Shannon Sharp visit Jan 2024.jpg

Shannon Sharp and her friends, with the Founder and the Headmistress of the school, donating the text books and stationery.  January 2024

Shannon 5 Sharp visit Jan 2024.jpg

Founder of the school, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, welcoming Shannon and her friends.  January 2024

Shannon 2 Sharp visit Jan 2024.jpg
Shannon 4 Sharp visit Jan 2024.jpg

The visitors spent time interacting with the children.  January 2024

Shannon 6 Sharp visit Jan 2024.jpg

Patmos Cottage School children entertain the guests with traditional song and dance.  January 2024

Shannon 1Sharp visit Jan 2024.jpg
Shannon 3 Sharp visit Jan  2024.jpg
Shannon 7 Sharp visit Jan 2024.jpg

Shannon and her friends are given a tour of the school by Founder Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya.  January 2024

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