Patmos School Christmas Party 

On the 6th December, 2019 Patmos School held a Christmas party for the children, staff and the whole school fraternity.


The party was a colourful and enjoyable event.  Nancy and Carolyn the school cooks, purchased the food items for the party from the local markets, these included rice, chicken, beef, flour, oil, and potatoes.  They also bought ingredients to enable them to make a special pilau  and chapatis which are favourites of the children.  Sodas and soft drinks were served to the children after the meal was finished. 


The cooks started preparing the food early on the morning of the party with the majority of school children arriving at the school around 12 noon. Colourful banners and balloons had been bought for the occasion and the school social workers assisted by some of the children decorated the school hall transforming it into a party venue.  Christmas music and gospel songs were played throughout the school building and teachers and children joined in with the songs.


This year the Headmaster invited the Elders of Mathare 4B area to join the school and share the Christmas meal with the children.  In total seven Elders joined the Christmas party and offered the children words of encouragement towards their studies.  The Elders also expressed great appreciation to the Headmaster and school staff for the care and education they were providing for the children at Patmos Junior School.


The Christmas meal was served at 2.30pm and over 110 children received a meal.  Some of the children had brought their young siblings to school and shared their meal with them.  Whilst other children went back to their homes in Mathare and returned to the school with dishes and containers so that they could pack up some of their school Christmas meal to take back home to share with their siblings at home. 


Once all the Patmos Junior School children had received a meal, the cooks distributed food to the many other children in the neighbouring community who had congregated at the school entrance hoping to receive something to eat.


It was a long day for the cooks, preparing all the food and then clearing away and washing up all the plates and pans.  We are very grateful to the cooks for all their efforts during the day and to Headmaster Richard and his staff for organising this wonderful Christmas party for the school children.

Christmas 5 party Dec 2019.jpg

Patmos Junior School children enjoying their special Christmas meal.

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