Visit by Shaun and Carol Halbert to the new school

On Thursday 16th January 2020 my husband and I flew out to Nairobi to visit the Headmaster, staff and children at the school and to be present at the opening ceremony of the new Patmos Junior School building.

On Friday 17th January we attended at the school .......

On Saturday 18th we accompanied members of the Orphan Outreach USA team to the school where we helped with the preparations for the forthcoming opening ceremony.  During the day we also paid home visits to some of the families of children at the school.

Sunday 19th January,  We attended a service with Orphan Outreach at the ...... church.

Monday 20th January, 2019 Grand opening ceremony.

Tuesday 21st January,

Wednesday 22nd January ........ depart midnight for London.


Relocation to temporary school building        4th Mar 2019