Ecology Trip to Karura Forest on World Tree Planting Day

On the 21st March, 2019 which was World Tree Planting Day, at the kind invitation of Claire Nasike,  Founder of The Humming Bird Foundation, 20 pupils from Patmos School together with one of the school social workers, were invited to go on an environment trip to the Harura Forest.  As well as listening to talks by the tour guides, the children were also able to actively participate in tree planting as well as pruning and weeding.

Below is a report by the school social worker who accompanied the children on this trip.


Written by Christabel Orinda (School Social Worker)

Patmos school appreciate Humming Bird organization for the opportunity to participate in the environmental trip. Humming bird organization has different projects including environmental education, pupils’ exposure among others. The organization has been networking with Patmos school since 2016. It mostly provides environmental education to pupils in different schools. For instance, Patmos school has 20 pupils under the same club, the pupils grew some trees within the school compound. They all value their environment and hope to continue with the same duties in the new building.

The same organization sponsored 20 pupils to attend environmental trip in Karura forest. This occurred on the 21st March which was the World Tree Planting Day. The day is a special day to environmentalists and other organizations such as Humming Bird Kenya.

 Pupils left Patmos school at and arrived in Karura forest at 8 30 am. They were welcomed by two tour guides from Karura forest. The tour guides informed the pupils on the history of the forest and their programs. The staff encouraged pupils to plants more trees and maintain hygiene in their environment. Patmos pupils interacted with other pupils and students from different universities in Kenya.

Every school managed to plant one tree including Patmos school. They were later taught tree pruning and weeding process. All participated in the pruning and weeding process. They later took refreshment and left to Patmos school at 12.00 noon.

Karura 5 Forest Trip April 2019.jpg

Patmos School children planting a tree on World Tree Planting Day.

Karura 7 Forest trip April 2019.jpg
Karura 4 Forest trip April 2019.jpg
Karura 3 Forest trip April 2019.jpg
Karura Forest trip April 2019.jpg