Environmental trip to Tigoni Forest

On Wednesday 5th June, 2019 which was World Environment Day,  Claire Nasike of The Hummingbird Foundation took a group of 20  children from Patmos School to an environmental event which was held at the UNEP  (United Nations environment Program) Centre in Nairobi.  Nairobi is the headquarters of the world’s leading environmental authority – UNEP.  A teacher from Patmos School accompanied Claire and the children.

Below is a report which was compiled by school social worker Christabel Orinda.


"Patmos school appreciate The Hummingbird Foundation for the continuous support. The organization has been a blessing to the entire Patmos community. It has been educating pupils on environmental issues and organizing different trips for pupils.

The same organization recently organized an environmental trip for 20 pupils. The school selected the top three pupils from all the upper grades. The aim of the trip was to enable pupils to recognize World Environmental Day as they appreciate their environment and interact with different pupils in other schools.


Pupils left Patmos school at 9.30 and were accompanied by Teacher Raicy and Claire Nasike the Founder of The Hummingbird Foundation. They arrived in Tigoni forest at 10: 30 and were welcomed by Dr. Mark. He appreciated all pupils and informed them about different trees within the forest. He also led them for an educational walk within the forest.

Pupils learnt about different trees and their usage. They walked within the forest and managed to join other pupils in the green house. Pupils learnt about various types of seedlings and planted some trees within the forest.

They later took refreshment and travelled back to school at 4;00pm. The school thanks Teacher Raicy for dedicating her time. May God continue providing for all pupils in Patmos school".

Patmos School would like to express our thanks to Claire Nasike for the tremendous help and support she is providing to the school to promote the subjects of conservation and ecology.

Tigoni Forest trip June 2019.JPG
Tigoni 4 Forest trip June 2019.JPG
Tigoni 1 Forest TRip June 2019.JPG
Tigoni 3 Forest Trip June 2019.JPG
Tigoni 5 Forest trip June 2019.JPG

Photos of the children walking through the Tigoni Forest and receiving an educational talk about the trees and seedlings from one of the guides.