Members from the Green House Church USA visit Patmos School

On the  8th and 9th July, 2019 members of the Green House Church USA visited Patmos School.  During their time there they conducted teacher training sessions as well as Vacation Bible School classes.  The team also engaged with the children in Craft lessons and played games with them.

Below is a report about the visit written by one of the school social workers:




A team of nine people from  GREEN HOUSE CHURCH USA Led by one ‘Mitchell’ had a mission at Patmos school on Monday the 8th and Tuesday 9th.On Monday they arrived at school at 10.00 am where as it is customary in our school we had a short session of introducing our school staff to them which followed by  having them introducing themselves to us.

With them was a Kenyan lady who had accompanied them to our school last year and again the four volunteers who were with the first mission group. A combination of grade 2 and 3 children made a presentation to the house and all of us felt entertained. Without wasting time the visitors divided themselves and we allocated each group to a room to hold their programs.

One group dealt with children  for VBS,games and crafts programs ,grouping them in grades;Pre school had a group,grade 1 and 2 made another group, grade 3 and 4 made another group,5 and 6 made another group and finally 6 and 8 made another group.

All teachers went up stairs to occupy the staffroom where their training was conducted. Trainers were three guests who are qualified teachers in ECD,primary and secondary.

The integral part of the training were; Ways of teaching, Precepts of bringing a learner to understanding, Teaching strategies, Classroom management and finally teaching by story books and other observation  resources .

Concepts acquired in the training

  1. Child Centered learning; in this content children are the ones to drive the learning. The work of the teacher is to introduce the lesson and leave it to the children to drive the lesson. The teacher is left with the role of inspecting and guiding to make sure they are following the track.

  2. Use of instructional materials.  Teachers were taught about the importance of using instructional materials in any lesson. The instructional materials help the children to deeply understand when they look at the materials which help to manipulate them during the lesson.

  3. Methods of teaching; Teachers were taught on grouping the children according to ability and interest.It was instructed that the intelligent  and bright children ought to be mixed with the slow learners in order for the slow learners to learn more from the slow learners. This is one way of developing good relationship among the learners and building community relationship.

  4. To help the teacher understands that he or she is the coach/facilitator.

  5. To help the teacher know how to handle children with different abilities and

  6. To help the teacher know how to manage the classroom.



  Teachers came to learn knew teaching skills which will help them know how to handle their classes and lessons effectively. They also found that the new techniques will help the learners to be critical thinkers as the new technique allows children to think and decide what to do next.

Teachers found out that they should provide teaching aids as they practically clarify difficult points to the learner. Simple teaching aid which can be locally sourced was the way to provide the materials.


The conclusion of the training is that it was of great importance to the teachers because teachers testify that they have already seen it working well in the past few days they have put the techniques in practice n their lessons. They have noted that child centered method and group working enables learners acquire more from the lesson.

Thanks to the team from Green House Church.



The remaining group of visitors remained down stairs and conducted VBS and Crafts in different groups as mentioned.

Children were taken through uniform Bible stories in all the groups among them was the prodigal son,Encounter,a new experience such as the one Mary encountered with the Angel bringing to her the massage that she will conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit. Children were taught that in life they may have encounters.

They were also taught about 1 Corinthians 9;24 which says that they should run the race but with the aim of winning. Thus at school they should study hard to be successful.  Children were also taught about the story of Jesus walking on water as a sign of faith and that in all things they do they should have faith in God.

They were also taught about the paralytic man in Mark chapter two where a paralytic had people who carried him to Jesus and this demonstrates that all of us need somebody to help in times of need and difficulties.


All children cited the verse from 1 Corinthians which they still are conversant with up to now.

On Crafts and games children were engaged in drawing, colouring, making masks, pigs which they learnt from the story of the prodigal son, Making kites and also building from plastic materials. They also made medals which a winner is crowned with from the story of running the race. They also had out door games such as jumping and playing football.


They were two enriching days to the school and the final time we all gathered out and offered prayers to the visitors as they also did the same to us.We bid them farewell and they left on Tuesday at 4 pm.






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Photos of the team from The Green House Church USA conducting teacher training sessions and VBS and craft lessons with the children.