Tusome training

Tusome, which means ‘’Let’s Read’’ in Kiswahili, is a nationwide programme designed to improve the learning outcomes of 5.4 million pupils in class 1 and 2 in 22,600 Kenyan primary schools. In January 2015 the Kenyan President helped launch this nationwide education initiative to boost early-grade reading skills. Under the initiative more than 60,000 primary school teachers will receive training in improved teaching methods and some schools will be provided with text books and other developmental reading materials.


For the last four years, the Headmaster and teachers at Patmos School have taken part in the Tusome Literacy Programme.


Tusome has carried out their own research on the benefits of this programme for primary school children since it was first introduced in 2015. They indicated that from their findings the reading skills of children in participating schools have significantly improved when compared with results for reading skills prior to the programme being implemented in primary schools.


In December the Headmaster and teachers from Grades 1,2 and 3 classes attended a two day workshop. The aim of this particular workshop was to cover the below points:


1.Teacher Professional Development

2.How to teach using TUSOME teacher's guides

3. A checklist list in teaching

4.SGuideline to teaching comprehension

5.How to write schemes of work

6.How to write lesson plans

Tusome Workshops 13th and 14th December, 2018


Below is a report about the educational workshops held in December from teacher Judith who was one of the teachers from Patmos School who attended the training sessions:


"Since the year 2015, Tusome literacy pragramme which is aimed at equipping teachers with the skills for a competency Based curriculum now officially introduced in the country has also had teachers from Patmos Junior School taking part in it.


The training officer for our cluster Mr. Mourice Odoyo gave out a message to all the member schools of his cluster to attend another training on 13th and 14th of December.This training took place from one of the school in Huruma where grade 1,2 and 3 teachers attended the training.


Head teachers are also given a one day training which helps them to be able to assess the teacher’s competency after going through the training.In case a teacher who went through the TUSOME training leaves school,then the head teacher will recruit a teacher replacing the one who has left with the Tusome teaching skills.This helps to solve the common problem in schools as teachers who undergo the TUSOME training transfer to other schools with the knowledge attained leaving a vacuum and which can be filled by the head teacher who then pass on the skills to any new staff who comes in to replace the one gone with the TUSOME teaching skills.


Tusome training that took place on 13th and 14th Dec 2018 took teachers though attaining more teaching skills and knowledge.


On the first day, all teachers were trained on how to teach grade 1 and 2 lessons on phonological awareness, Alphabetical principals, fluency in reading vocabulary, comprehension among others.


They were also given guidelines for teachers professional Developments while in school which the head teachers were also taken through. This was aimed at helping teachers and head teachers bringing improvements at their schools and not doing the work the same ways every year.


On the second day which was attended by teachers only,teachers were trained on how to write schemes of work and lesson plans in a much professional manner that helps the teacher to complete the syllabus in time.


The training is so good and it will help us to improve on our teaching to give learners the best at the end of the school learning calender,said the teachers at the end of the two day training."


Report written by teacher Judith Nyapera,Now grade 2 teacher,Patmos Junior School.


Patmos School is very grateful to the Tusome Early Literacy Programme officials who made it possible for some of the teachers from the school to attend this important workshop.


In January 2019 Tusome renewed the old text books at participating schools and replaced them with 17 copies each of different subjects in English and Kiswahili.


The Headmaster and teachers from Patmos School have attended Tusome Educational Workshops since the insitgation of this initiative. To read more please click on the links below:


The Headmaster and teachers have previously attended Tusome workshops in 2015 and 2016.