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We are a group of volunteers with a sole aim of helping orphans and vulnerable children have access to basic education, healthcare and a daily meal in the Mathare slums of Nairobi.

Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya together with a group of dedicated local community members set up the Patmos Junior School in 2007. In exceptionally difficult circumstances the school has managed to thrive due to the commitment of  the Headmaster, his committee and the teaching staff.

Our staff

The teaching staff comprises the Headmaster and 11 teachers.  There are 2 social workers assigned to the school.   There is also a school cook, an assistant cook and 2 caretakers/guards.  The school currently provides an education  for 174 orphans and vulnerable children and operates a School Feeding Programme to provide a breakfast and daily meal  for the school children.

Reaching out

The group is now looking to work with the global community to reach out and find ways to improve the welfare and education of the children. 


Orphan Outreach USA has partnered with Patmos School and has provided funding over the years for a mains water supply as well as the provision of Fresh Life toilets and teaching resources and equipment.  

We are always looking for school sponsors and anyone interested in supporting a child at Patmos School or indeed helping former Patmos School pupils with their secondary school fees should contact the Orphan Outreach Sponsorship team  at 


Richard Wanjala Manya Headmaster 

Teachers January 2020

 Our CBO


Recognising the importance of the school and the School Feeding Programme to the local children, the group officially registered themselves  in 2010 as a  Community Based Organisation (CBO) under the name: 

 The Patmos Care and Development Centre 

 Patmos School teaching staff

School projects

With the help of supporters in the United Kingdom and the USA we have been able to set up a Maize Farm Project and also Pig and Goat Rearing Projects. 


In 2014 we were able to set up an income generating initiative, the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group (PWTG), to help some of the mothers and guardians of children at Patmos School to earn a living.  The women in the PWTG make all the school uniforms as well as other items.


The school  runs a School Healthcare Program which provides for  twice yearly health checks for all the children by a local doctor.  The children also receive de-worming tablets and oral vitamin supplements.  

Maize 1 farm Sept 2019.jpg

 Patmos School maize farm

Our vision

To continually improve the standard of education at Patmos School and to ensure that all the teachers are qualified to a high standard. 


To provide a holistic approach to education so that the well-being of all the children is a priority. 

To continue to be able to provide a daily breakfast and main meal for all the children at Patmos School.


Our aim is to be able to provide a high standard of primary education.  In the future our vision is to be able to buy land in Mathare on which we can build a secondary school.  The secondary school  will also provide a high standard of education for the pupils so that they have the best possible opportunity of  securing a good job or being able to study for a Degree at University thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.  

School 1 children Jan 2020.jpg

 Patmos School children

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