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The Headmaster of Patmos School welcomes visitors to the school.   If you or someone you know is travelling to Nairobi either on business or on holiday and would like the opportunity to visit the school and meet the children, then please contact us by email on either of the below addresses.


Alternatively, if you are not able to visit the school in person but would like to donate some items to the school, then the Headmaster would be more than happy to visit you at your hotel or place of stay in Nairobi. 

Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya 

Carol Halbert

UK Representative and Facilitator for Patmos School


A warm welcome awaits visitors

Mission 1 Trip with Amy July 2019.jpg

If you are travelling to Nairobi


and you have space in your hold luggage then please consider taking some supplies of school stationery, plastic bowls, flip flops, or vitamin tablets for the school. 

4 school children and staff May 2019.jpg

The children are always delighted to see new people at the school.


USA visitor Allen Tackett did precisely this.  He was able to visit the school with the Headmaster, discuss the Maize Farming Project and see for himself the conditions in which the children live.  He also spent time at the school and saw the wonderful work the teachers are doing.  

To read Allen's Testimonial and those of Dominique from the UK and Allie Mullin from the USA who have also visited the school in subsequent years, please click here testimonial 


Allen Tackett visited the school  in June 2012 .

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