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In  2006 Richard Wanjala Manya, a Pastor and Headmaster, started a small scale feeding program each Sunday from a local church.

 For many of these children this represented their only meal of the day and without it they would have gone hungry.  As a direct result of the feeding program, the Sunday School classes saw numbers grow and Richard realised that there was a very real need to start an educational centre in the same premises.

Early days

In 2007 Richard and a group of local people decided to form the Patmos Junior School, a community based organisation with the sole aim of helping orphans and vulnerable children to have access to basic education and a daily meal.

CBO registration

In April 2010 they officially registered the organisation as the Patmos Care and Development Centre with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development in Kenya (Certificate No. 90358) and incorporated the Patmos Junior School.


The original school was a two storey structure. 


First classrooms

Because of the increase in numbers of children wishing to attend the school, it was then decided to rent 3 corrugated shacks which would form the basis of the classrooms and a small kitchen.


 In November 2011 the landlord increased the monthly rental for these shacks and the Headmaster decided to relocate the school to the current site in Mathare 4B District where the rent would be lower.  


In 2016 with funds raised by Orphan Outreach USA the school was able to acquire additional land and rooms to help alleviate the overcrowding situation in the main school building.

 The first school committee

 The first school committee


The school now owns the land and the building on which it is situated.

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