The Founder and Administrator of Patmos School and teaching Staff:


1.    Richard Wanjala Manya  -Founder and Administrator of Patmos School


2. Peragia Wangui Masinde;School Head Teacher


3. Peter Akolongo;Assistant Administrator.

4. Ayodi Resquiter Imali   -   Teacher for  play group (in charge of school  trips)


5. ROSELINE AUMA – Teacher for PP1 (assisting on environment)


6. Judith Nyapera   - teacher for PP2  (Head of environmental department)


7.   Sarah Wasike           - Teacher for Grade 1


8.Merceline Awuor    - Teacher for Grade 2  (in charge of debating clubs)


9.CAROLYNE OUMA OPERE – Teacher for Grade 3 ( assists in health department)

10.ACQUINES SIKUKU – Teacher for grade 4 ( in charge of CBC curriculum and assistant in  school Christian programmes)


11. SYLIVESTA OGUTU. (Teacher for Grade 5)


12. Olivia  Anyango-  Teacher for Grade 6  ( sports and career master)


13. Kennedy Okumu   - Teacher for Grade 7   (Head of academic department and upper class)


14.Felix Mbithi  - Class teacher and teacher for computer lessons.


Teaching staff Feb 2021.jpg
Headmaster March 2020.jpg

The Patmos School Founder and  Administrator

Richard Wanjala Manya

Headteacher Peragia Masinde Feb 2021.JPG

The Headmistress Peragia Masinde

The Headmistress Peragia Masinde

Teachers March 2020.jpg

The teaching staff at Patmos School 

Social workers


There are two social workers assigned to Patmos School to oversee the general well being of the children.


Ancillary staff

The ancillary staff comprise  three school cooks, Lennyson, Nancy and Aida.  There are also three security personnel.  


Richard Wanjala Manya                 Administrator and  Committee                                                                 Chairman

Alfunce Oyoo                                   Assistant Chairperson

Sam Nyagaya                                   Secretary / Treasurer

Christine Wekesa                            Assistant Treasurer

Committee Members:

Richard Wanjala  

 Gender Manager, active all projects

Alfonce Nyaga

Treasurer, volunteer administration, school project

Sam Nyaga

Secretary, volunteer administration, school  project

Fredah Ateka

Fundraising, school project

Erick Wekesa

Fundraising, school project

Simon Njihia

Carpenter, school project

Elisha Aduma

Advisory, school project


Boniface Abura

volunteer, school project


Community Elder, Advisory, Assistance legal matters

Joseph Omondi

 volunteer labour, building matters

George Okeimu

volunteer labour, all projects

Vincent Abila

volunteer, school project

Abigael Ayenta

volunteer, school project

Wycliff Clitechi

volunteer, school project

Joshua Okengo

volunteer, school project


Patrick Otieno

Tailor, overseeing training


Christine Weseka



 Robai Amboko



Nancy Khasiala







Jeffery Siaken

Overseer Maize and Bean Project,  Kitale District

James Okiru

Caretaker, Goat Project Bungoma District

Social workers plus intern Jan 2020.jpg

 The two school social workers Christabel and Jackson with Stephano who is an Intern.

SFP Sept 2021.jpg

 The school cooks preparing the daily meal.

Security guards.jpg

 Peter Nyongesa and Peter Wekesa the school guards

PWTG 2 Aug 2019.jpg

 Two members of the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group.

Maize 1 farm Sept 2019.jpg

 The school maize farm produces maize and beans which is used in the School feeding Program.