From income generating initiatives to medical clinics and social welfare support the school is active in a whole range of diverse programs that reflects the committment of the community to school life


The Patmos Women's Tailoring Group (PWTG) is an income generating initiative which was set up in March, 2014 to help mothers and guardians of children at the school  to set up a small business to help them earn a living.  In 2014 the women initially focused on making the Mwezi reusable sanitary towel, however,  over the last  few years they have diversified into making school uniforms, bags and baby products such as nappies and baby carriers. 

In 2020 at the start of the new year the women made 84 sets of school uniforms. 

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Women's tailoring project make the school uniforms and have also diversified into making baby carriers and other items


 Since 2013 Patmos school children have attended the Mathare clinic of Dr. Daniel Okal Busela. he children attend the clinic twice yearly and are administered de-worming tablets as well as oral vitamin supplements.   


The children also  receive health checks with the doctor and for those with minor ailments they are treated and given the necessary medication.

Dr Okal Busela examining the children at his clinic


Over the years the school has organised clean up exercises  to clear the trenches in the areas immediately surrounding the school to reduce the existing health hazard caused by rubbish. 


Over 90 local people participated in the last exercise which was very much a community event. 

A clean up session under way

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