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To provide high quality education for the children.

To provide in-service teacher training for the existing unqualified teachers and CPD for the qualified teachers so as to maintain high standards of teaching.

To improve school equipment and teaching facilities.

To build a secondary school so that all Patmos School children will have the opportunity to continue their education to secondary school level.            

Group Photo for 7 students, their parent

Former Grade 8 pupils from Patmos School about to take up their secondary school places at different schools.  In the future we hope to build a secondary school in Mathare alongside Patmos School  so that they can continue their education there.


To continue to look for ways of developing the  Maize Farming  Project

To help mothers/guardians of the children set up small income generating initiatives

To find sponsors for all children at Patmos School both for their primary and secondary education

To provide better facilities and kitchen equipment for the School Feeding Programme  

Maize 1 farm Sept 2019.jpg

Continue to be able to support the farm projects


To set up a health clinic with trained personnel.

To deliver simple, safe and familiar health and nutrition services that can be delivered cost-effectively in school (e.g. de-worming, improved school nutrition) 

To be able to accommodate more orphans and children from poor and one-parent families at the school


Improving child nutrition, Patmos School provides a daily breakfast and main meal for all the children.


To encourage unemployed young people and other members of the community to utilise the school to improve their skills and education through evening classes


To encourage women and young people to have the opportunity to train in business and loan management skills to enable them to set up their own businesses and become self sufficient. In 2014 we set up the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group which is an income generating initiative for some of the mothers/guardians of children at the school.  these women now make all the school uniforms for the children as well as other items.  

We would like to help other people to start small businesses in Mathare.

PWTG 2 Aug 2019.jpg

Members of the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group


 To fundraise and to seek help from donors to purchase additional land in Mathare on which a secondary school can be built.


Working towards building a secondary school

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