School Maize Farm 2021

In December 2020 Richard visited the school maize farm and reported that the maize and bean harvest yielded a total of 53 x 90Kg bags of maize and 2 x 90Kg bags of beans.  Farming activities in Kenya have been severely impacted with the covid-19 restrictions and this together with poor weather conditions have significantly affected maize farms in the region.

It is the intention of the school to sell 33 of the bags of maize to fund the ongoing rental of land and equipment for the 2021 season.  The remaining 20 x 90Kg bags of maize will be used in the School Feeding Program.  One of the bags of beans will also be used at the school and the other bag will be used as bean seeds which will be intercropped with the maize.  The school maize farm will be renting 6 acres of land in 2021.

The maize and beans grown at the school farm supplement the School Feeding Program which aims to provide a breakfast of porridge and a daily meal for all the children at Patmos School.

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Maize 1 harvest December 2020.jpg
Maize harvest December 2020.jpg

Richard with some of the 53 x 90 Kg bags of maize harvested in 2020.