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Christmas Party 2021

On Saturday 18th December, 2021 Patmos School held their Christmas party.  Below is a report of the event which was written by a member of staff at Patmos School.


This was the specific day set aside for our learners to wind up the year in joy and celebration. It was a day to exhibit the team spirit that exists between the teaching, non-teaching staff, social workers and the pupils.

The main objectives were:

  • Close the year in a celebratory mood

  • Appreciate the challenges that marked 2021

  •  Motivate learners to develop a positive outlook to life and diligent commitment to their studies.


  • 17th Dec 2021 (the previous day) the planning committee sat down to deliberate on menu and purchases required. The committee comprised of the following members;

Mr Richard Wanjala-Director and Founder.

Tr.Masinde –Head Teacher

Mr Jackson Mulwa –Head of social department

Ms Linda  Siguna –School accountant

Mr Peter Akolongo –Ass. Admin

Mr.Lennyson Njuki-Head cook

Mrs Nancy  Khasiala -cook

  • Staff arrival. This was as early as 0700hrs in order to deliver purchased food item and to start early preparation.

  • Venue decoration. Was conducted by Linda (accountant) alongside other staff members.

  • Pupils Arrival. This was  recorded as early as 1000hrs

  • The pupils were given sweets to boost their morale .Ambrose Masika from Yatima Outreach communication department doubled up as DJ to moderate entertainment activities which included: Hype session, individual performance, dancing competition, traditional dance medley by grade 3.

Cooking was also in progress under the supervision of Lenny, the head chef. It was carried out by Nancy and Aida (kitchen staff) with the assistance of two outsourced helpers, Caroline a cleaner and members of teaching staff (Tr.Masinde, Tr.Caroline and Tr.Mercy ). All attendants were treated to a hearty meal comprising of fruits, food and drink. They were served according to classes starting from the reception class all the way to class 8.


A total of 206 pupils graced the event dressed with home clothes, accompanied by all staff. Captivating speeches were made by  Mr.Richard Wanjala the school Founder and Director and the Head teacher. The Head teacher read Christmas wishes and messages from party sponsors, Carol and Shaun Halbert of the UK.  Closing prayers were made by the Head  teacher and thereafter every pupil was given a bottle of soda as they exited the building and dispersed around 5:00pm

Christmas party 2021.jpg
Christmas 3 party 2021.jpg
Christmas 5  party 2021.jpg
Christmas 12 party 2021.JPG
Christmas 2 party 2021.jpg
Christmas 11 party 2021.JPG
Christmas 1 party 2021.jpg
School speeches at Christmas party 2021.jpg

Children and staff at Patmos School enjoying dancing and entertainment at the Christmas party.

Christmas 7 party 2021.JPG
Christmas 9 party 2021.JPG
Christmas 8 party 2021.JPG
Christmas meal Dec 2021.jpg
Christmas 6 party 2021.JPG

Patmos School cooks Lenny and Nancy, assisted by helpers, prepared a delicious meal for the children and staff.

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