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Closing Assembly and Awards Ceremony.  

Pupils at Patmos School sat their their end of year exams from 10th - 15th December 2021. Thereafter the results and report forms were compiled and taken to the parents.


Patmos School held a final assembly on 16th December during which presentations for awards in the following categories were handed out to pupils.


Certificates and gifts were given to three children in each of the classes  who had attained the highest exam scores.  Awards were also given for the child in each of the classes who was considered to be the most improved in that class.  Finally, an award was given to the pupil who had attained the highest marks in the school.

The Founder and Director of Patmos School, Mr Richard Wanjala Manya, gave a motivational speech and presented the awards to the children.

Exams and closing assembly.jpg

Founder and Director of Patmos School, Richard Wanjala Manya, congratulating one of the pupils.

Exams and closing party.jpg
exams 1 and closing assembly.jpg
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