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Graduation Ceremony for pupils in PP2 - March 2022

The Graduation Ceremony for those pupils in Pre-Primary 2  who were moving from the infants to the junior part of the school, took place on 9th March, 2022 at 11.00am with a procession marching from outside the school compound all the way up to the playground on the 2nd floor of the school building.  It was led by the graduates, fellow pupils, parents/guardians and teachers.


The ceremony was presided over by the graduating class teacher, Madam Roseline and was moderated by the deputy head teacher, Mr. Sikuku.  The 19 graduates were aged between 6- 7 years.


There were opening prayers at the start of the morning’s events which were followed by speeches by representatives of the administration, the social work department and parents/guardians of the graduates.  Thereafter a program of entertainment was organised which included dancing, singing, skits and poetry recital by the graduates and other pupils.


A special graduation cake had been baked for the event and a slice was served to the graduates by teacher Judy, teacher Roseline, Jacinta from the social work department and a parent representative. All pupils and parents/guardians received refreshments.


Each graduate was issued with an individual certificate complete with a personal photograph.   The graduates also had several photographs taken with their teachers and parents/guardians.  Dolphin who is the Yatima Outreach communications  intern took all the photographs.


A vote of thanks was passed by teacher Olivia on behalf of the school and by one of the parents/guardians of one of the graduates.  The ceremony closed at 1.30pm with a prayer by teacher Mary who is in charge of the Grade Two class.

Graduation 1 ceremony March 2022.jpg

The children at Patmos School who were graduating from the infant classes to the junior classes.  March 2022

Graduation ceremony March 2022.jpg
Graduation  ceremony March 2022.jpg
Graduation 4 ceremony March 2022.jpg
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