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Patmos School Parents Meeting and Staff Awards

On 17th December, 2021 Patmos School held a parents meeting at the school from 2pm-4pm. 


Amongst other matters at the meeting the following issues were discussed:

  • Discipline amongst pupils

  • Pupils and school academic performance.

  • Patmos School Policy.

Towards the end of the meeting awards were presented to Patmos School staff for the following categories:


The Longest serving staff member  -Nancy Khasiala

Most Dedicated member of staff      -Peter Wekesa

Passion and creativity                         -Sarah Wasike

Excellence award                              –Sylvester Ogutu

Nancy has been serving Patmos School in the capacity of school cook for many years and this award was in recognition for her long service and dedication to the school.


Peter is a senior member of the Patmos School security Personnel.


Sarah and Sylvester are both members of the teaching staff.    


Parents were served with snacks and light refreshments at the end of the meeting.

Parents 2 Day Meeting Dec 2021.jpg
Parents 4 day meeting Dec 2021.jpg

Parents and Guardians attending the Patmos School Parents Meeting.  December 2021

Service Awards for staff Dec 2021.jpg

Founder and Director of Patmos School, Richard Wanjala Manya, presenting one of the awards.

Staff awarded prizees Dec 2021.jpg

The four Patmos School staff members with their awards.

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