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Patmos Cottage School Sports Day

On the 8th September, 2023 Patmos Cottage School held their first ever school sports day.  This year it was held at the Depot Police Grounds.


Below is an account of the event which was written by a member of staff:


"Patmos cottage school held their first annual sport day on 8th -September -2023.  Pupils arrived at school by 7:30am for the Friday morning assembly and classes until 09:00am when they went to the dining hall to have their breakfast.

At 09:30am all pupils and staff gathered at the school parking area ready for departure. Depot police play ground is about two kilometers away from the school.  We all walked to the grounds.

The sports activity involved all pupils from PP1 to Grade 8.

On arrival at the grounds we started by singing both the Kenya National Anthem and the East African Anthem which was led by our scouts team. This was followed by opening prayers by a Grade 5 Pupil. Thereafter the Head teacher led the staff and pupils through an aerobics session.


All pupils and staff were divided into their respective houses namely, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. Each house had a total of 50 members. All the games activities were being competed against the houses.

Below are the activities of the day:


The first activity was athletics. The running races were very competitive, with the winners being decided by narrow margins. The relay races involved teams of children passing a baton to each other in a designated area.  Relay races promote teamwork, coordination, and friendly competition.

100-Metres Races are short sprints where children race individually to cover a distance of 100 metres. These races test speed and agility, providing an exciting challenge for participants.


Fun Games

Balloon Games: -Balloon games included activities like balloon popping and balloon tossing. Balloons add an element of fun, resilience and creativity to the games, making them enjoyable for children of all ages in their respective houses.

Tug of War:- Two groups of houses compete to pull a rope in opposite directions. The goal is to pull the opposing team over a designated line. It's a test of strength and strategy.

Treasure Hunt involved creating clues or a map that lead children on an adventure to find hidden treasures (sweets). It encourages problem-solving and teamwork as participants work together to decipher clues and locate the hidden items.


Football is a popular team sport and promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The match began with boys followed by girls competing in different houses in a knock out. Playing time was limited to twenty minutes per game. Team yellow won most of the football matches.

The event ended at around 16:30pm when we had a small awards ceremony. Team blue were crowned the overall winners. Each member received a gift of a big lollypop. Thereafter we had a photo session and closing remarks from our Head teacher. The children then enjoyed a meal of muthokoi and cabbages sitting in the playground under trees. They were also served with a glass of juice each.  We all departed back to school arriving there at 17.00pm when pupils went home."

Our thanks to the Head teacher Mrs. Peragia Masinde, to the Founder Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya and all the staff at Patmos Cottage School for making this first ever school sports day such a memorable and enjoyable occasion for the children.

Sports Day 5 Sept 2023.jpg
Sports Day 4 Sept 2023.jpg

Staff and children at the Patmos Cottage School Sports Day.  September 2023

Sports Day 3 Sept 2023.jpg
Sports Day 2 Sept 2023.jpg

The children enjoying a game of tug of war.

Sports Day Sept 2023.jpg
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