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Congratulations to Patmos School children on their amazing  KCPE results!

In March 2022 some of the children in the Grade 8 class sat their KCPE exams.  The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is designed mainly as a primary school leaving examination and is awarded to students after completing the approved eight-year course in primary education in Kenya. The examination is usually conducted once every year in October/November. It is an entry examination that enables candidates to progress to Secondary education or training in tertiary institutions.  Because of the disruption to the learning calendar in schools as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, this year KCPE exams were held in March.  

Each subject score is converted to be out of 100 points and standardised to have a mean score of roughly 50, making the mean total score 250 marks.  The subjects examined are Maths, English, Kiswahili, Social Studies and Religious Education (Christian/Islamic/Hindu) and Science. English and Kiswahili consist of two parts, for English there is Grammar and Composition, and for Kiswahili, there is Lugha and Insha.

Historically, 250 marks was the 'pass' or 'fail' threshold and weighted so that approximately 50% of exam takers scored 250 marks or more.   Most secondary schools do not admit candidates who score below 200 marks in the KCPE exam. 

So, it is with great pride that the teachers at Patmos School received the news that the mean score achieved this year by Patmos School children who sat the KCPE exam in March was 322.64! 


This is an unprecedented achievement in the history of the school and is testimony to the hard work and dedication of the teaching staff and the children.  With a reduced academic calendar these last two years, teachers were determined to ensure that all the pupils were up to date with all their subjects and with their revision for these exams.  They ran Saturday classes and gave extra tuition to those pupils who needed additional help.  This resulted in the children going into the exams with confidence and with a determination to do their very best.

When news of this tremendous achievement 

filtered out into the local community, everyone, including the teachers, cooks and children, started to sing and dance and there was much celebration and jubilation in the Mathare 4B District.

In April a 14 year old girl from Patmos School who scored the highest grades in the school in her  KCPE exams, was offered a place in one of the most prominent girls’ schools in the country. We are also delighted to report that all 13 children from Patmos School who sat their KCPE exams in March attained the requisite grades and were offered places in  secondary schools.    

Well done Patmos School children and teachers!

Our thanks also to Orphan Outreach USA and their fantastic supporters and to Yatima Outreach  for all their wonderful help and support which has made this all possible.


KCPE pupils March 2022.jpg

Patmos School pupils who sat their KCPE exams in March 2022 and who achieved unprecedented results.

Celebrating 3 KCPE resullts March 2022.JPG
Celebrating KCPE results March 2022.JPG

The teachers and staff were delighted with the results - a mean score of 322.64 for Patmos School

Celebrating 2 KCPE results March 2022.JPG
Celebrating 4 KCPE results March 2022.JPG
Celebrating 1 KCPE results March 2022.JPG

The local community joined the teachers and children in their celebrations on hearing the KCPE results!

Vivian top KCPE grades April 2022.jpg

This former Patmos School pupil has been offered a place at one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Kenya.

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