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Computer Classes at Patmos School 2021

We are delighted to report that with funds kindly donated by Orphan Outreach supporters, Patmos School now has internet connection and computers and is able to include computer classes in the school curriculum for the first time.  in total there are 30 computers, 24 for use by the children and 6 computers for use by teaching staff.


Teaching staff and pupils  have recently received tuition and instruction in the use of the computers.


Below is a Report on the computer studies classes carried out at Patmos School by teacher Felix on 26th to 28th April, 2021 at the computer lab.

On Monday 26th April

I took class 5 to 8  through their 1st computer lesson. I had a total of 25 pupils in total. I took them through the introductory session in the following :-

  • Opening a computer

  • Safe way to shut down a computer

  • Computer lap rules

  • Parts of a computer (hardware)

  • Handling and using a mouse

  • Gave them a typing exercise

It was a successful session, as the pupils were really interested in learning and using computers

On Tuesday 27th April

I had a lesson with the lower classes, grade 4 to grade 1

I had a total of 29 pupils.  I took them  through the computer introduction as well which includes :-

  • Computer lab rules

  • Parts of a computer

  • Mouse technique (right and left clicking)

  • I gave them a typing exercise to master the keyboard keys location

On Wednesday 28th April

I had a class with teaching staff, a total of 9 teachers were present. As some had an idea on how to open and close a computer, I took them through the introduction part of Microsoft word . This includes :-

  1. Opening ms-world

  2. Formatting a document :-change font style, colour, size, uppercase and lowercase, alignment and insertion of numbers or bullets.

  3. I gave then a small typing test to practice the same.

The computer lessons will be officially started next term, where all classes will be attended according to the timetable allocation. It is my belief that by the end of the next term, learners will have gained a lot in using computers. For teachers, I am aiming by the end of the term they will be able to type and analyse results using the computer technology.

Report prepared by Mr. Felix

Computer /IT Teacher

Computer classes 2021.jpeg
Computer 1 classes 2021.jpeg
computer 2 classes 2021.jpeg
computer 3 classes 2021.jpeg

Teaching staff and pupils receiving instruction during computer classes at Patmos School April 2021.

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