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Student Council Elections 2021

Students' Council Elections were held at Patmos School on 25/06/2021. Below is an outline of events written by one of the teachers which  culminated in the election of student members.


Monday 14/06/2021:   During the parade, the Headteacher created awareness of the importance of learners' council and promised to organise the same in Patmos school.


Friday 18/06/2021: The deputy head teacher put up a chart of the various positions to be filled , namely, president, vice-president, and senators (departmental prefects) in charge of environment, library, games and sports, dinning, debate/mjadala, scouts and time-keeping.


Monday 21/06/2021:  Learners started submitting their names and posts of interest to the deputy head teacher.


Tuesday 22-24th June:  Learners carried out campaigns during school recess.  In the meantime, the teachers prepared ballots and ballot papers.


Friday 25/06/2021: The presidential and vice presidential candidates addressed the students asking for their votes.  On the same day in the afternoon, voting took place under the supervision of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Voters were drawn from grade one to class seven. It was done through a secret ballot system.  Votes were counted and winners declared. On the following Monday, the president and his deputy delivered their maiden speeches.

Amongst other things, the aim of the student council is to encourage leadership skills.   

student 5 council elections 2021.jpeg

In June 2021 Patmos School held Student Council Elections.

student 3 council elections.jpeg
student 4 council elections 2021.jpeg
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Student council elections 2021.jpeg
student 1 council elections 2021.jpeg
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