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The start of a new school term

Lessons resumed at Patmos School on the 26th July, 2021.  Because of the disruption to the school learning calendar in 2020 as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the first term will finish on the 1st October, 2021. 

There are currently 12 teaching staff at Patmos School, including the Headmistress Peragia Masinde.  This term 32 new children were enrolled at the school in July taking the total number of pupils to 209 (115 girls and 94 boys).   A priority for the school social workers at the start of this term has been to pay home visits to the families of those newly enrolled pupils.  This enables the social workers to better understand the home circumstances of those children and to establish a relationship with the parents and guardians.  

Patmos School welcomed 19 children into the Play Group/Nursery at the start of this term.  Children in this class are aged 3 - 4 years old.


At the start of the new school term there was a staff meeting which was chaired by the Founder and Administrator of Patmos School, Richard Wanjala Manya, together with Headmistress Peragia Masinde.  Staff reflected on the achievements of the previous academic year and discussed the challenges and goals for the forthcoming year.  Heads of Subject Departments were appointed for the purpose of supervising teaching content and delivery.  These subjects included science, mathematics, English and Kiswahili.

The teaching staff have been working incredibly hard this year to ensure that the children can push ahead with their learning after the disruption to studies they endured last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.   Mid-term exams took place the week commencing 23rd August, 2021 and pupils were issued with results slips.  End of term exams will take place later this month.


In late August pupils aged 10-12 years were issued with consent forms to seek permission from their parents  for the HPV vaccine (human papillomavirus).  Sub-Saharan Africa bears the greatest burden of cervical cancer.  This school-based vaccination programme is run by the Ministry of Health in Kenya to primarily  help reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.  The vaccinations were administered at Patmos School on 26th August, 2021.  


Throughout the covid-19 pandemic Patmos School has been supporting the local community by distributing food items and water to families.  The school is continuing to distribute water from the school bore hole on a regular basis.

Dates for the second and third terms are:


11th October, 2021 – 22nd December, 2021                                                                                

 3rd January, 2022 – 4th March, 2022


Headmistress Peragia and teaching staff Sept 2021.jpg

Headmistress Peragia Masinde and the teaching staff at Patmos School


Teacher Acquines Sikuku addressing the Grade 5 class

Lessons resume at Patmos School Sept 2021.jpg
Nursery class - palygroup Sept 2021.jpg

The start of a new school term. 

The Play Group/Nursery Class at Patmos School

Patmos 1 school children Sept 2021.jpg

Patmos School children congregating in the internal playgound at the start of the new term.

School social workers and interns Sept 2021.jpg

Head school social worker Jackson Mulwa and social worker Christabel with two interns.

Home visits Sept 2021.jpg

A school social worker visiting the family of newly enrolled children.

Headmistress presenting cert 2021.jpg

Headmistress Peragia Masinde receiving a completed  parent consent form in connection with the HPV vaccination programme

School cleaners -playground area Sept 2021.jpg

Caroline and Susan, the school cleaners hoovering part of the school play area.

Security guards patmos school Sept 2021.jpg

Patmos School security guards, Peter, Jamila and Justus.

Water distribution 1 Sept 2021.jpg
Water distribution in community Ssept 2021.jpg

Patmos School  continues to distribute water to families in the local community.

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