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Conservation and Ecology trip to The Giraffe Centre

On the 7th February, 2024 a total of 48 children accompanied by 2 teachers went on an Ecology Trip to the Giraffe Centre.  Each year the Education department at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya) AFEW, allocate places free of charge to school children who would otherwise not be able to take part in such trips. 


The AFEW (K) has been supporting Patmos School  for several years  now and many children from the school  have benefitted from being able to go on these educational visits.  

The Ecology excursion is a special and exciting day’s outing for children. It starts with a trip to the Nairobi National Park and Animal Orphanage, followed by a visit to Mamba Village and finally the Giraffe Centre. The tour ends with refreshments and exciting activities such as feeding the giraffes and watching videos on environmental subjects.


During these educational visits the children learn about the endangered Rothschild giraffe and wildlife in general as well as about the ecosystems in Kenya.  The children also learn environmental themes such as sustainable development, forest conservation, wetlands protection and waste management. 

Incorporated in the educational program during the day is information about some of the environmentally friendly projects that can be initiated to promote conservation in schools. 

Below is a Report about the Ecology and Conservation trip written by one of the teachers:

"I feel very highly honoured once again and grateful to African Fund for Endangered Wildlife – Giraffe Centre and Patmos Cottage School for sponsoring 48 pupils and two teachers from Patmos Cottage school to attend AFEW Ecology trip on 7th February, 2024.



The trip was well organized by AFEW – Giraffe Centre. It started at 7:45 AM on Wednesday morning where children and teachers, accompanied by staff from the Giraffe Centre, boarded a bus which took them to the Giraffe Centre.


The first place we visited was the Nairobi Animal Orphanage.  The children were taken along the Nairobi Safari Walk where the Giraffe Centre staff taught them about a number of wild animals,  aquatic life and about the ecosystem in Kenya.  After the walk the students went back to the bus and were taken to Mamba Village.


On arrival at Mamba Village, the children visited three orphanages.  First they visited the crocodile orphanage and through the help of the instructor at the site pupils were taught about the various species of the crocodiles. For example, they were able to learn more about the Nile crocodile.  The children were then taken to the tortoise orphanage and were able to learn more information about tortoises.  Finally, the children visited another area within Mamba Village where they learnt interesting facts about ostriches.


The final visit of the day was to the Giraffe Centre where three activities took place.  First the children attended a lecture where they were taught about ecosystems, forestry and endangered wild animals, specifically the giraffe.  They learnt through information and pictures about three different giraffes;  the Masai Giraffe, the Samburu Giraffe and the Baringo Giraffe.  Finally the children were taken to the site where the Rothschild giraffes were and where they were able to take part in feeding the giraffes whilst continuing to learn more about these remarkable animals.


At the end of a busy, fun and educational morning everyone was treated to a delicious lunch courtesy of AFEW (K), which was highly appreciated by both the pupils and the teachers, before boarding the bus and returning to school.


The children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the Conservation and Ecology trip.  The experience was informative, interactive and hugely inspirational.  We were all amazed at the level of hospitality provided by the Giraffe Centre staff, from the bus driver, to the tour guides, the tutors giving the lectures and the cooks.  We cannot thank AFEW (K) enough for supporting Patmos School again this year and awarding places for this trip to some of our school children.  We very much hope that even more children from Patmos School might be able to benefit from these amazing trips next year."

Patmos School is extremely grateful to Mr Victor Ochieng, Tourism and Conservation Education Officer in the Education Department of AFEW (K), for organising and facilitating this trip for the children.

To find out more about AFEW (K) please visit their website: 

Ecology 1 Trip Feb 2024.jpg

Patmos School children were allotted places on an Ecology and Conservation trip organised by AFEW.   February 2024

Ecology 2 Trip Feb 2024.jpg

The children learnt about the Nile crocodile and other species of crocodiles.   February 2024

Ecology 3 Trip Feb 2024.jpg

 During their walk along the Nairobi Safari walk tour guides educated the children about the ecosystem in Kenya.  February 2024

Ecology trip Feb 2024.jpg

 Patmos School children taking notes during one of the lectures during the trip.  February 2024

Ecology 5 Trip Feb 2024.jpg
Ecology 6 Trip Feb 2024.jpg

 The children saw the Rothschild giraffe and were able to feed some of these remarkable animals. February 2024

Ecology 4 trip Feb 2024.jpg
Ecology 9 trip Feb 2024.jpg
Ecology 7 trip Feb 2024.jpg
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