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Report by Headmistress of Patmos School - July 2021

In November 2020 Patmos School were delighted to welcome Mrs. Peragia Masinde as the new  Headteacher.

The former Headteacher and Founder of Patmos School, Richard Wanjala Manya, accepted a new role as Director of Patmos School in which capacity he is responsible for the administration and management of the school.

Below is a report written by the new Headteacher.  In her report Peragia  speaks of the transformation of Patmos School from the temporary school structure in which the children were previously being taught, to the new purpose built school building which was opened in January 2021.  

 Headteacher's Report July 2021:                                             

My name is Peragia Masinde. I am the head teacher of Patmos school in Mathare, Kenya. I joined the school in mid- November 2020.

As a new teacher in the old school premises, it came to my notice that the facility was very dusty. Pupils would sweep their classes in the morning as a result of which dust would be literally transferred from the floor to the dilapidated desks, each of which was shared by a minimum of three pupils. I also noticed that there were only two washrooms. Some of the bigger girls were finding it a challenge to use them when their male classmates were queuing outside, especially the days that required them to take a little longer inside.

The playground was a dusty open space between peoples’ houses. This required our pupils to be very careful to avoid hitting grownups or soiling clothes that were hung to dry on the lines. I found playing and being careful at the same time a very delicate balance!

During lesson time, learners would crowd around a text book, hardly deciphering the relevant content.   At lunch time, learners would collect their meals from a tiny dark and smoky kitchen and eat from their makeshift classrooms or outside the premises. Just outside the main entry, there was an open dirty water canal.  During lunch break when the iron-sheets walled staffroom became unbearably hot, teachers would sit outside, not very far from that trench.  Conditions were simply deplorable!

Then we moved into the new premises… it was a complete turnaround! Numerous and demarcated washrooms, marble covered floors, employed cleaners, a modern kitchen complete with a dining hall, increased number of text books, a library, well ventilated classrooms, with individual lockers, pitch black chalkboards, motivated teachers, expansive playground, clean environment and to crown it all, a computer lab, complete with a computer teacher and computer lessons. Pre-schoolers even have mattresses and carpets for their afternoon nap!   

All this and more has yielded self-esteem in the pupils and re-defined learning. Patmos has suddenly become a household name, where parents compete to admit their children. It has also cultivated a new level of determination, whereby learners want to prove to all and sundry that it is not just about the school but the calibre of its products.

Teachers on the other hand are energized and motivated to put their best foot forward due to quality and prompt facilitation. They are now able to incorporate information technology in setting up assessment tools. Teaching and learning in Patmos school has been re-defined… thanks to God and the benevolence of our sponsor friends.      

In order to upgrade all round performance of the learners,   we intend to implement the following at the beginning of the new academic year:

  1. Strengthen subject panels for the purpose of quality and timely content delivery and evaluation

  2. Improve the frequency and criteria of  learner motivation  to include co- curricular achievements

  3.   Enhance relationship with stakeholders especially parents through quality and regular communication and feedback. This will also include keeping abreast  with policies and requirements from the government

  4. Upgrade staff professional efficiency through in service training and seminars.                                                                           


The new Patmos School building was funded by Mr Steve Spencer, Director and Board Member at Orphan Outreach.   There was also a significant contribution of funds by other Orphan Outreach donors who funded the solar panels on the roof of the building amongst other things.


To read more about the construction of the new school building please click here

Headmistress Peragia Masinde.jpg
Headteacher Peragia Masinde Feb 2021.JPG

Headmistress Peragia Masinde who joined Patmos School in November 2020.

Richard Wanjala Manya February 2021.JPG

Director and  Founder of Patmos School Richard Wanjala Manya. 

Patmos School Building Feb 2021.JPG
Solar panels Aug 2020.jpg
Tables and chairs new school Aug 2020.jpg
computer 3 classes 2021.jpeg
Computer 1 classes 2021.jpeg

The new purpose built  Patmos School building with solar panels, new desks and chairs and for the first time there are computers!

Distance teaching Sept 2020.jpg
DEbating 2 Club Maarch 2020.jpg

The old temporary school building which was  constructed of  wood and corrugated sheets.

Pres school children Patmos Feb 2021.jpg

Patmos School children were delighted to resume their lessons in January 2021 in the new Patmos School building.

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