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Medical Mission Camp at Patmos School

On the 15th and 16th July, 2019 Patmos School were delighted to receive a team of 26 visitors from the USA.  Among the team were 4 doctors.  A large tent had been hired for the occasion.


The children received vaccinations and  medications for minor ailments where necessary.  One child was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia and was taken to a hospital for treatment.  The eye sight of the children was also checked.  The teaching and ancillary staff also received a health check by the team.


As well as carrying out the Medical Camp the team made 6 home visits to families in Mathare and donated food items.  They also ran games and Vacation bible School programs.

Below is a Report of the Medical Camp by Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya:

Orphan Outreach organization in conjunction with local health workers do hold a medical check up and treatment  at Patmos school every year in the month of June/July. The Orphan Outreach Organization  partner with this school on meeting educational needs of the children and beside this, they do arrange an annual medical exercise at the school to look into the health aspect of the school children and working staff to  ascertain their health conditions as an integral part of putting children and staff in good working condition.

Others exercises included in this context were, games which help to ascertain children’s physical fitness and Holistic studies which open the mind of children to knowing and depending on God.

The school received 26 visitors all from the US, among them were four doctors. Two of them worked in the clinical section and two worked on visual problems. The visitors were accompanied by Tom Wambulwa the Yatima Outreach Director in Kenya.

To help in the the exercise, Yatima brought with them, five male and 2 female volunteers. Four of the volunteers had helped in the first two missions and on this occasion three more volunteers were added to make seven. The two school social workers were also present.

The mission group first arrived at school on 14th July in the afternoon just to confirm the arrangement done at the school for the exercise of the following day. Children and school working staff were all present at school and after being welcome in by the school, head master, a short session of children presentation and introduction was conducted. The visitors were then left  for the orientation. They were showed every room for all the medical sections and the space for the rest of the programs.

A tent for outdoor activities had been hired and pitched outside in the open space where finally, after finishing with the orientation ,we all gathered outside in the tent and had prayers.

On the Monday at half past eight, the team arrived at school and immediately allocations were made and setting up of the equipments for work started. Children were taken through the medical exercises and other programs on rotational intervals.

Medical diagnosis section revealed that most children were in good conditions however boosters and immunity drugs were distributed to all children. A few fungal cases were seen. Some children were tested and given medication on minor cases. A few severe cases were noted and were referred under plan section for further  attention in other hospitals. One child was diagnosed with sickle cell and was taken for medication at another hospital. Visual section revealed that most learners had good vision and needed not much attention.

School teachers came in for their medical attention after the children. Much of the work planned was done on the first day and very little work was left and which was completed on Tuesday during the morning hours.

Concurrently as the medical clinic was on course ,VBS and games programs were also taking place.This made it possible for the scheduled work to come to an end early the second day.

The mission group, finally made home visits to  six homes of children and made food donations  as well as  praying with the families.

At 1 O’clock all the mission was completed and we all gathered out in the tent and I and two more teachers gave a vote of appreciation to the visitors for the good work done and the mutual fellowship that we had enjoyed as a wide family. One teacher gave a final prayer for the visitors as we also received their prayer from a young lady.




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Medical Mission Vote of thanks July 2019
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Photos of the visiting team from the USA running the Medical Camp as well as other activities at the school.

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