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Combined Birthday Celebration Event

On the 4th October, 2019 a party was organised to celebrate the birthdays of those children who were born between September and December. As part of the celebrations the children were to enjoy a special meal cooked by a hired cook which consisted of  rice, meat and potatoes.


The main school room at the temporary school building was decorated with banners and balloons and for those children who were celebrating their birthdays they were each given a birthday hat.  The party commenced with a prayer read by one of the children and this was followed by a short speech by one of the school social workers.   The children then proceeded to partake in various entertainment events that had been organised including singing, dancing and reciting poems.


Large birthday cakes had been made for the occasion and three children assisted by one of the teachers  were given the honour of cutting the cake and blowing out the candles. 


The party commenced at 11am and concluded at 4.40pm with a prayer from one of the teachers.  All the children at the school received a plate of food, some snacks and soda to drink.


On the following day  some parents came to school to give thanks to the Headmaster for holding this 'combined birthday party' to celebrate their particular child’s birthday. 

Teacher Sarah Wasike who kindly wrote this report indicated that this was one of the best birthday parties the school had ever organised and that thanks should be given to the new school social worker who had arranged the event. 

For many children in Mathare the reality is that their birthdays would not be celebrated, there would be no cards, presents or special meal.  So, we  are also very grateful to the kind donors Orphan Outreach (Yatima Outreach) for funding this party  and to the school management team.

Birthday 1 event Oct 2019.jpg

The children were treated to a special meal and some birthday cake.

Birthday 2 event Oct 2019.jpg
Birthday 3 event Oct 2019.jpg
Birthday 4 event Oct 2019.jpg
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