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School trip to the National Museum of Kenya

On the 11th October, 2019 a total of 44 pupils from the Grade 4 to Grade 7 classes went on a school trip and visited  the National Museum of Kenya and  the Snake Orphanage.  The children were accompanied by 5 teachers and one of the school social workers.


In the National Museum the children were able to learn about the history of Kenya including information about the migration of different communities in Kenya.  There was also an archive of the wildlife and birds of East Africa.  In the Snake Orphanage the children visited the live snake cages where they learned about the different snakes and other reptiles in Kenya and Africa such as crocodiles, lizards, tortoises and chameleons.  The children were fascinated to hear facts about how different snakes survive and their venom levels according to their origin. 


There was also a lot of information about the different species of fish throughout Kenya and the rest of the world of which there are recognised to be more than 32,000 species worldwide.


At Patmos School much focus and importance is placed on trying to arrange educational school trips for the children on a termly basis. 


Our thanks to the 5 teachers and to Jackson Mulwa the school social worker who accompanied the children on this outing and for ensuring they all had a stimulating and memorable occasion.

National 4 Museum Trip Oct 2019.jpg
National 5 Muuseum Trip Oct 2019.jpg
National Museum trip Oct 2019.jpg
National 1 Museum trip Oct 2019.jpg
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National 3 Museum Trip Oct 2019.jpg
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