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The CEO of Each One Teach One visits Patmos Cottage School

On Monday 25th March, 2024 Patmos Cottage School had the honour of hosting esteemed guests from the USA, Mr. Nitesh Patel and his daughter and three staff members from the NGO Each One Teach One (E.O.T.O).  They were accompanied by Mr. Mortimer Jones Director of Programs at Orphan Outreach USA,  Mr. Tom Wambulwa the Director of Yatima Outreach along with colleagues from Yatima Outreach.  Mr. Patel who is the CEO of E.O.T.O had previously visited the school in January of this year.  Each One Teach One is a non-profit that helps pay for the health, education, housing and nourishment of orphans and poverty-stricken children in India, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Patmos Cottage School was delighted to receive the donation of a generator from Mr. Patel and The Shakti Family Trust, and Adrian and Vivian Ibarra.  Recognising the vital role education plays in shaping children’s lives they decided to donate a robust 20kVA Dayliff generator to the school.  Mr. Mortimer Jones, Director of Programs at Orphan Outreach USA over saw every detail of the commissioning process to guarantee the successful installation and operation of the generator.


The visitors took part in the commissioning of the generator ceremony which saw them cut the ribbon on the generator symbolizing the inauguration of this important facility.  They were then given a guided tour of the school facilities including the classrooms, library, kitchen and school playground.  They were also shown the school bore hole and water points.  This allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the school’s operations and environment.


The highlight of the day was the entertainment and performances that were given by the children in the school playground where they showcased their talents with songs and dances.  Thereafter, there were speeches by representatives from the parents, from the community, from the head social worker as well as by Tom Wambulwa and the Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya.


After a motivational speech from Mr. Nitesh Patel he proceeded to distribute a bale of pembe maize flour to each parent which was gratefully received.  There followed a delicious lunch of chicken and chips that had also been generously provided by the guests and which was served in the dining hall.


Following the food distribution and lunch, everyone reconvened in the school playground where the guests presented a generous donation of full school uniforms, underwear, sports shoes and sanitary pads to eligible girls.  This act of kindness was met with heartfelt appreciation from all present.


An award ceremony was then held to honour the guests for their invaluable contributions to the school, to the children and to the parents.  They were presented with thank-you notes from the children and a set of school uniforms in a frame as a token of gratitude.

The impact of the generator to the school:

Reliable Power Supply and Back up: One of the most significant impacts of this donation is that it will ensure a consistent and reliable power supply to the school. With a generator the school can continue to function even during power outages as a result of power cuts or poor weather conditions, ensuring that teaching and learning activities are not disrupted. 


Support for Educational Technology: The school relies on technology for teaching purposes including computers. A generator will ensure that these technological resources can be used effectively, regardless of power availability. This can enhance the quality of education and provide students with access to modern learning tools.


Extended Hours of Operation: With a generator in place, the school could potentially extend its hours of operation beyond regular school hours. This could allow for evening classes, extracurricular activities or community events, providing additional educational opportunities for students and fostering community engagement.


Improved Safety and Security: Power outages can compromise safety and security leaving schools vulnerable to theft, vandalism or other risks. A generator can power security systems such as lights and CCTV cameras helping to maintain a safe and secure environment for students, staff and school property.


Patmos Cottage School is immensely grateful to Mr. Nitesh Patel and everyone at EOTO for their generosity in donating a generator to the school, the bags of maize flour for the parents and for the school uniforms, shoes and other items for the children. Our thanks also to Mr. Mortimer Jones from Orphan Outreach and to Mr. Tom Wambulwa from Yatima Outreach.   


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