Educational  Visit to The Giraffe Centre

On Friday 13th March, 2020 a total of 48 children accompanied by 1 teacher and 1 school social worker, went on an Ecology Trip to the Giraffe Centre.  Each year the Education department at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya) AFEW, allocate places free of charge to school children who would otherwise not be able to take part in such trips. 


The AFEW (K) has been supporting Patmos School  for several years  now and many children from the school  have benefitted from being able to go on these educational visits. 

The Ecology excursion is a special and exciting day’s outing for children. It starts with a trip to the Nairobi National Park and Animal Orphanage, followed by a visit to the David Sheldrick Animal Orphanage, The Ostrich and Crocodile Park in Karen and finally the Giraffe Centre.The tour ends with refreshments and exciting activities such as feeding the giraffe and watching videos on environmental subjects.


During these educational visits the children learn about the endangered Rothschild giraffe and wildlife in general as well as about the ecosystems in Kenya.  The children also learn environmental themes such as sustainable development, forest conservation, wetlands protection and waste management. 

Incorporated in the educational program during the day is information about some of the environmentally friendly projects that can be initiated to promote conservation in schools. 

Below is a Report about the Ecology and Conservation outing written by the school social worker:



School trip is a tour planned with an aim of refreshing minds of learners and make them explore out of their school compound and be aware of what happens or happening around. It exposes them and opens their minds in different ways and also helps them learn more.

 On March 13, 2020 was a school trip day for 48 children, one teacher Mr. Acquines and a social worker Mr. Jackson . The trip was organized by the endangered animals fund. It’s an organization which creates awareness to the people on the endangered animals and their protection. They facilitate transport, entry fees and lunch.

The journey started in the morning few minutes after 8am from Patmos school in Mathare 4B area to the first destination, the giraffe center. Here children were directed to the hall where they first got some learning on different types of giraffe found in Kenya, their habitat in Kenya and what they feed on. They also learnt about conservation of environment by proper disposal of waste and separation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste materials. children also learnt the importance of planting the trees and conservation of forests where world life live.

Afterwards children proceeded to the giraffe cages where the fed them with palates provided to them by the tour guide. They really enjoyed feeding and touching them although some where scared to touch.

From giraffe center we boarded the bus again and preceded to neighboring David Sheldrake’s young elephant orphanage here is a place where rescued baby elephants are taken care after being abandoned by their family as a result of being killed by poachers or other reasons for instance natural illness hence death or just normal missing.

At this orphanage they provide baby elephants with food, medical assistance and rehabilitation as well as reuniting them to the other elephants in the parks when they are able to stand at their own.

Children saw them being fed with milk and also heard each elephant interesting stories of how they were rescued and where they were rescued from.

we again embarked on our journey again to mamba village. This is a home for crocodiles

the largest reptile in the world. Kids learnt about them, how they survive in and out of water and their feeding. The children were surprised to hear that crocodiles feed only once in a week and sustains it all through the week. The children also learnt how they reproduce as well as their life span.

 Patmos children were again surprised to learn that crocodile can live up to 100years in captivity and also its meat is fit for human consumption. Also they learnt about tortoise and given opportunity to touch their shells.

children after this were tired and hungry and so we went for lunch. Children enjoyed eating rice and stew and orange fruit. After we went to the cages of ostrich the largest bird in the world, Children learnt more about them and their unique characters. For example, they lay only one egg which is equivalent to 21 chicken eggs, they can run for 65km/hour and how to differentiate between a male and female ostrich among other many characters.

The day was almost over and we proceed to national park to see other animals. Here children learnt about the big cats. I.e. lion, cheaters and leopards also they saw buffalo, wild dog, monkeys and some bird. We after formed groups of six to recap about the day and later we boarded the bus again back to school.

The trip was very interesting and educative to the children. They appreciated the organization for giving them such an opportunity and requested them to consider them again next time when the chance is available


Jackson Mulwa

Social worker.


Patmos School is extremely grateful to Mr Victor Ochieng, Ass. Conservation Officer in the Education Department of AFEW (K) for organising and facilitating this trip for the children.

To find out more about AFEW (K) please visit their website: 

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Patmos School children enjoying a wonderful day out at The Giraffe Centre and Animal Orphanage.  They were also provided with a meal whilst there free of charge.