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Donation of stationery, food supplies and under garments

In January 2020 at the start of the new  year Orphan Outreach kindly donated supplies of stationery and food to the school.

Orphan Outreach have been supporting the school for many years now and without their help and funding the school would not have the resources to be able to provide a good standard of education.


Patmos School has been running  a School Feeding Program (SFP) for the last few years which provides the children with a breakfast and daily meal.  The school maize farm provides some of the maize and beans for this program and Orphan Outreach  fund  the additional food items that are needed to ensure the children receive a nutritious meal.


Rice with green  grams  and fruit are served on Mondays and Wednesdays,  a meal of maize and beans with fruit is served on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Ugali with green vegetables is  served on  a Friday.

There was also a donation of under garments for the children which were donated by a kind supporter of Orphan Outreach.





stationery donation OO Jan 2020.jpg
Stationery 1 donation OO Jan 2020.jpg

The Headmaster and children with some of the stationery supplies

OO 2 Don ation of underwear Jan 2020.jpg

The children with the donation of under garments

school 1 feeding progrm 2020.jpg

Green grams and rice served to the children on Mondays and Wednesdays

school 2 feeding program 2020.jpg

Ugali with green vegetables served to the children on a Friday

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