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Background to Orphan Outreach's Partnership with Patmos School 

Background to Orphan Outreach Stationery Donations, Equipment, Uniforms and Support.


May 2019 

Orphan Outreach donate funds for the stationery requirement for the Spring term.


January 2019

In January 2019 at the start of the new school year, with funds from Orphan Outreach supporters, the Headmaster was able to purchase stationery supplies for the first term.  These items included exercise books for pre-school, lower and upper primary children as well as pens, rulers, lesson planners, registers, chalks and many other essential items for the teachers.


September 2018:

Orphan Outreach provided the funds for stationery and for text books for the lower and pre-school classes for the Autumn term.


May 2018:

At the start of the May 2018 term, Orphan Outreach kindly provided the funds for some stationery which included exercise books and pencils.


March 2018:

Orphan Outreach supporters donated funds for some kitchen items which included 41 plates, 36 cups, 48 steel spoons, 5 dust bins, 2 small hand washing basins, a 200 litre water tank as well as some mops, a bucket and an axe.


Each day Nancy the school cook together with her assistant cook Carolyine prepare a breakfast of porridge and a daily meal of maize and beans for the children at Patmos School.  


Orphan Outreach also provided funds for some book shelves to be made by a local carpenter in Mathare.


On the 20th March, 2018 with funds raised by Orphan Outreach supporters, the Headmaster distributed 59 warm wool sweaters,11 pairs of shorts,10 school dresses and 10 shirts to some of the most needy children at Patmos School.  The school uniforms were made by the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group which was set up in 2014 to help some of the mothers of children at the school.  The sweaters were made by a local woman in Mathare.


January 2018:

With funds raised by kind Orphan Outreach supporters a much needed additional classroom was built in late December and was ready for the start of the new school term in January. The classroom will accommodate the Grade 8 class and the structure measures 12ft x12ft.


The main school building is in  need of repair and  with over 130 pupils currently enrolled at Patmos school and many more children wishing to join the school  there is still a real shortage of classrooms.  However, this new classroom is a welcome addition at the start of the year.


In January Orphan Outreach also kindly provided funds for the purchase of  stationery for the new school term.  The items included text books and course books as well as exercise books, pens, rulers, geometry sets, school diaries and erasers.


The teachers were provided with lesson planning books, as well as chalk, pens, note books  and other essential items.


In late December 2017 Patmos School received funds from kind supporters of Orphan Outreach to enable the purchase of 20 school desks.  These desks were made by a local carpenter in Mathare.  Ten of the desks will be used by the Baby class and the remaining 10 desks will be for the Primary school children.


Since 2017 Orphan Outreach have continued to not only fund the termly requirement of text books and stationery but they have also funded a breakfast of porridge for all the children.  They have also provided the funds each month for the salaries of the teaching staff, the two school social workers and the ancillary staff amongst other things.


Background to Orphan Outreach's involvement with the school.


Orphan Outreach have kindly  been supporting Patmos Junior School for the past six years.  In February of 2014 they established their first offices in Africa in Kenya.


In 2014 Orphan Outreach funded the School sanitation Project .  They also donated funds for school equipment   as well as for stationery and text books for the 2014 school year.


In 2014 Orphan Outreach also donated funds to enable the school to purchase the 6th and final classroom which ensured that the school owned the whole school building and the land on which it is situated. The school had previously raised funds to purchase the majority of the land and the buildings


At the start of the 2015 school year there was a real shortage of text books and stationery.  Orphan Outreach generously provided the funds to enable the Headmaster to purchase the books required.


In June 2015 Orphan Outreach also funded the purchase of two additional classrooms to help alleviate the overcrowding situation at the school.


In 2016 supporters of Orphan Outreach were able to raise much needed funds to purchase land and an additional 9 rooms for the school to help alleviate the over-crowding problem at the school.


Orphan Outreach have also helped the school with funds for additional bags of maize for the School Feeding Programme as well as with uniforms, sweaters and school shoes.


In late 2016 supporters of Orphan Outreach funded 33 sets of school uniforms and 27 woollen sweaters which were distributed to the children in January 2017


In 2017 supporters of Orphan Outreach also kindly raised funds for additional land. 


In 2018 Orphan Outreach not only provided funding for text books and stationery but they also continued to fund the salaries of the teachers and ancillary staff at Patmos School and to provide the funds each month for the school operational budget.


In 2018 further funding from Orphan Outreach supporters  enabled the purchase of plots of land surrounding the school compound which were vital for the security of the new school build project.  Funding was also provided for the installation of a borehole which would ensure a good supply of clean, safe water for the school.  This borehole would also serve as an income generating initiative by providing affordable water for people in the neighbouring community.


In 2019 Orphan Outreach supporters funded the building of a temporary school structure on a neighbouring site where the children were relocated in March 2019.  This relocation enabled the commencement of the building of a new permanent school building on the existing site.  Funds for the new school building were raised by kind Orphan Outreach donors.

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