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Background to Patmos School land aquisition

In February 2014 the school was able to purchase 5 classrooms.

In July 2014 Orphan Outreach provided the funding for the purchase of the 6th classroom which meant that the school now owned the land and the buildings on which it was situated.

In April 2015 a local church funded a small, part second storey extension to the school building.

In June 2015 Orphan Outreach funded the purchase of two additional rooms which were adjacent to the main school building.


In August 2015 the Headmaster registered the  land ownership documents of the school building and the two adjacent rooms with the local authorities.  The school now has an official Kenyan Government Land Ownership Certificate


In December 2016 after a fundraising drive by Orphan Outreach they were able to purchase additional land and rooms close to the school.  

In late 2016 the school also received funding from Orphan Outreach to enable the purchase of 9 small shacks which were for sale and  which were also in close proximity to the main school building.  Due to the poor state of repair of some of these shacks, 5 of them had to be demolished and the remaining 4 shacks were initially used to accommodate the Baby, Nursery and Pre-Unit classes.  Until such time as funding became available to enable the building of a permanent school building on this land, the area was utilised as a playground for the children. 


On Friday 24th February, 2017, Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya  together with the owner of 8 small plots of land which are close to Patmos Junior School attended at the offices of Yatima Outreach Nairobi to to discuss the possible sale of the plots to Orphan Outreach.  Thereafter, on Tuesday 7th March, 2017 the land purchase agreement was officially signed and Orphan Outreach became the official owners of these plots of land. Land for sale in Mathare does not become available very often and therefore, when the Headmaster became aware of this land and shacks close to the main school building, it was  important for the school to try and purchase them in order to secure the future of Patmos Junior School. Although the school is only currently able to accommodate up to 134 children, the Headmaster is mindful of the fact that there are many more orphans and vulnerable children who wish to join the school and whom he would like to be able to help in the future.   


On the 2nd June, 2017 the Headmaster organised the demolition of the dilapidated  rooms on the land that had recently been bought with funds raised through Orphan Outreach supporters. The ground was then levelled and cleared of stones and debris to make it a safe area for the children to play on. Any corrugated sheets from the shacks that were viable were used to replace some of the old and worn sheets of the main building.  Work was also carried out to build a fence along the perimeter of the school compound which borders the road side thereby creating a safe area for the children and teachers to be able to carry out activities.A small entrance gate was erected at the end  of the plot of land that was bought in 2016 which gives a safe entrance to the school on the inner side. By opening up this plot of land and clearing it of the run down buildings and debris it has exposed a large space on which it is hoped that in the future a large permanent school building can be built. The Headmaster reported that the children, the teachers and the entire community were very happy to see these improvements and the expansion and development of their school premises.  


In 2017 during the summer school break a local carpenter repaired several of the damaged school desks and these are now fully repaired and are back in use by the children at the start of the September term. In August a local organisation called SHOFCO arranged for builders to dig a   trench which runs alongside the Patmos School building.    This well constructed permanent trench will ensure that during the rainy season the heavy rainfall will be able to drain away more easily and it will help to prevent stagnant water building up in the trench and causing a potential health hazard.  The organisation are planning to build a hospital in the future on a site close to the school. With the sand left over from this building project the workmen kindly donated it to the school and levelled the open space in the school compound where the 9 small shacks had previously been erected, thereby reducing the dust and creating a safer play area.

On 9th March, 2018 with funds that had been raised by Orphan Outreach supporters in the USA, three plots of land were bought for use by the school.  


On the 19th March, 2018 further funding was received from kind Orphan Outreach supporters to enable the purchase of an additional 7 rooms.  The purchase of these rooms has helped to ensure the future security of Patmos School and means that the school now has a large enough plot on which a permanent school structure can be built in the future as and when funds become available.  There are currently 134 children attending Patmos School but there is a real need for the school to be able to enrol more orphans and vulnerable children in the future. Patmos School also provides the children with a daily breakfast of porridge which is funded by Orphan Outreach as well as a daily meal of maize and beans.  Some of the maize and beans used in the School Feeding Program is grown at the school maize farm.

In April 2018 several of the dilapidated shacks on the newly purchased land were demolished to create a suitable site for a borehole to be drilled.  An architect and drilling contractors attended at the school to inspect the site and it is hoped that in the near future work on the borehole will commence.

On the 21st September, 2018 with funds raised by Orphan Outreach supporters a further small plot of land was purchased which was close to the school compound.  The school now owns sufficient land on which a permanent school building can be built.

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