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Vacation Bible School 2024

On  Monday 8th – Friday 12th April 2024 a Vacation Bible Study (VBS) event took place at Patmos Cottage School. VBS is an outreach event that many churches offer, usually  during school breaks, to connect with the children and families in their communities.  The purpose is to incorporate themed activities that entertain children with the chance to also learn about God.  VBS is a popular end of term activity for Christians and non-Christians alike. Churches generally run VBS for a week, and each program has its own theme that children can explore. A week of VBS usually includes games, crafts, snacks and, of course, Bible lessons.


Each day of this week long fun-filled program had a set of activities planned with different facilitators.  The aim was to make it fun and meaningful and for the pupils to draw as many lessons as possible from the relevant stories and topics that were taken from the Bible. The theme for this VBS event  was "Pride and Humility".


The below report of the April VBS event was written by a Patmos Cottage School member of staff and gives more insight into what activities are incorporated into a VBS event.   ​

“The Vacation Bible School (VBS) program has been a pivotal force in positively impacting children's lives through the sponsorship department at Patmos cottage School. The teaching staff members have consistently introduced children to the gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner that is both engaging and nurturing to their spiritual growth. The theme of the VBS session, "Pride and Humility," drawn from the biblical narrative of Daniel 4:30-34, served as a powerful focal point. Through interactive lessons and activities, children were guided to understand the consequences of pride. Moreover, the teachings extended beyond mere storytelling, encompassing valuable life lessons that encouraged humility, empathy and compassion. By integrating biblical principles with practical applications, the VBS fostered a deeper understanding of spiritual concepts while equipping children with essential moral values. This holistic approach not only enriches their faith journey but also lays a foundation for character development and ethical decision-making, contributing to their overall growth and well-being. We aspire to empower every child to thrive emotionally, spiritually, and socially, thereby fostering a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


SUMMARY:  The VBS activities ran for four days, from 8th Monday to 12th Friday April 2024. Each day was meticulously crafted with a diverse array of activities led by dedicated facilitators, all aimed at blending fun with meaningful lessons. The overarching goal was to ensure that every child not only enjoyed themselves but also gleaned valuable insights from each session. Drawing inspiration from relevant stories and topics from the Bible, the sessions were intricately designed to help children grasp the essence of the April VBS theme. Through engaging storytelling, interactive discussions, and creative exercises, pupils were encouraged to delve into the depths of biblical teachings, allowing them to connect the theme of "Pride and Humility" to their own lives. By fostering an atmosphere of enjoyment and discovery, the VBS succeeded in creating a memorable and impactful experience where children could both learn and have fun, fostering a deeper understanding of their faith and moral values.


The VBS welcomed an average of 160 children each day, starting promptly at 9 am with a 30-minute morning devotion. This important time comprised prayers, praise, worship and singing of the theme song setting a spiritual tone for the day ahead. Following devotion, interactive games engaged all learners for an hour and a half until 11 am, when a well-deserved tea break provided refreshment.


After the break, children transitioned to class sessions, grouped by age and grade into six categories, including graduates and postgraduates. In these sessions, they delved into Bible teachings, crafted meaningful projects, memorized verses and enjoyed coloring activities for the younger ones.

The day concluded at 1 pm with a special lunch and snacks. By 2 pm, children departed, eagerly anticipating the next day's adventures.


At the end of each day the teachers, social workers, Sponsorship Officer, and Coordinator reviewed the day to discuss what went well and what could be improved. This helped to ensure that the children were getting the most out of their time at the VBS event.


The grand finale of the VBS culminated in a special treat for the learners on the last day as they were privileged to watch the Nebuchadnezzar movie projected on our playground. This cinematic experience provided a visual representation of the themes explored throughout the week bringing the story to life in a captivating way. The VBS as a whole was a resounding success marked by engaged participation, meaningful lessons and joyful fellowship. From the uplifting morning devotions to the interactive games, enriching class sessions and concluding movie screening, every aspect of the program contributed to a memorable and impactful experience for all involved. Through the dedication of Patmos Cottage staff and the enthusiasm of the children, the VBS achieved its goal of fostering spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of biblical truths.”


Orphan Outreach/Yatima Outreach and Patmos Cottage School  are passionate about conscious living and spirituality.  Pupils from Patmos Cottage School have attended the VBS consistently since 2016.

VBS 3 April 2024.jpg

Pupils attending the VBS event at Patmos Cottage School.  April 2024

VBS 2 April 2024.jpg

Grade 4 and 5 Pupils in a class session.

VBS 1 April 2024.jpg

Graduate pupils in their class lessons.

VBS 4 April 2024.jpg
VBS 7 April 2024.jpg

Lower Primary children during a colouring session.

VBS April 2024.jpg
VBS 5 April 2024.jpg

Grade 6 and & pupils during a craft session.

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