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Two Day Team-Building and Leadership Skills Event


Yatima Outreach organised a two Day Team-Building event in Naivasha on Thursday 30th and Friday 1st December, 2023.  This event was for management staff from each of the three projects that Yatima Outreach supports, namely Patmos Cottage School, Mathare, A.C.K. Madeleine School, Bungoma and the Narok Community Outreach Program.  Members from the Yatima Outreach corporate office in Nairobi, including the Director Mr. Tom Wambulwa, also attended the event.


Patmos Cottage School was represented by Heads of Department and also included the Founder and school Administrator Mr Richard Wanjala Manya, the Assistant Administrator, the Head teacher, Mrs. Masinde, as well as the head of the social work department and colleagues from the accounts department.


The facilitators for the two day event were Vital Solutions Africa.  On the first day the activities focused on HR policies, Sponsorship and Child Protection Policies. The classes ended at around 6:30pm. The following day the activities were designed to encourage team-building and emphasized leadership and problem-solving skills.


At the conclusion of the event various programs and employees were given recognition and presented with awards.  Patmos Cottage School received an award for ‘Program of the Year’ for their ‘Savings and Internal Lending Communities’ (SILC) program. SILC is a holistic programming approach that provides a strategy to increase low household income by providing people, primarily women, with income- generating opportunities through access to self-managed savings-led financial services. It is a microfinance approach that provides a safe place for poor households to save and borrow to increase their income. The Patmos accountant Linda Siguna also received an award.

Participants in this two day team-building program found the event to be informative, exciting and fun and a good way of interacting with other members of staff.  They gave thanks to Yatima Outreach for organising this event.

Team 2 Building event Dec 2023.jpg
Team 3 Building event Dec 2023.jpg
Team 1 Building event Dec 2023.jpg
Team 6 Building event Dec 2023.jpg
Team 5 Building event 2023.jpg
Team 4 Building event Dec 2023.jpg
Team Building event Dec 2023.jpg

Members attend two day Team-Building event.  December 2023

Team 7 Building event Dec 2023.jpg

Patmos Cottage School won an award for 'Program of the Year' for their SILC program.  December 2023

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