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In 2010 Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya and the 12 committee members researched an income generating initiative which would be capable of supporting the School Feeding Programme (SFP).   As maize is the staple diet in Mathare it was decided to develop a Maize Farm Project.


Headmaster inspecting the young maize crop

Kitchen Table Charity


In March 2011 we submitted the proposal to the Kitchen Table Charities Trust in UK. They very kindly donated the sum of £3,000 to enable us to start this project and establish a revenue generating scheme to improve the supply of food for children attending the school.


First ploughing

First harvest

The first harvest in November 2011 yielded 67 x 90kg bags of maize and 6 bags of beans (the beans  supplement and nutritionally balances the maize diet ).  This excellent result highlights this Community Based Organisation's hardwork, commitment and determination to make the whole project a success.


Our first maize harvest in 2011.

A sustainable project

Our aim is now to extend the Maize Farm over the next few years with the goal of making the current School Feeding Programme totally self sustaining and by doing so, we will improve the lives and the education of the orphans and vulnerable children in Mathare.


Hand weeding the maize crop.


Maize harvest  2012.

The maize farm project has continued to prove productive with the Headmaster Richard Wanjala overseeing the ploughing, planting and harvesting.   We rented 4 acres of land last year and from that 86 x 90kg bags of maize was harvested. 


Headmaster with  90Kg sacks of maize

Maize harvest 2013

On the 9th November, 2013 the maize was harvested and the threshing and sun drying process commenced.  Two weeks later the maize and beans were ready to be put into sacks.  A total of 125 x 90kg bags of maize were harvested together with 8 x 90kg bags of beans.


The beans make a nutritious and tasty sauce

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