School Maize Farm 2020

In 2019 a total of 106 x 90 Kg bags of maize were harvested at the school maize farm together with 2 x 90Kg bags of beans.


The beans are normally intercropped with the maize and two crops of beans are planted, but this year due to poor weather conditions only one crop of beans could be planted later in the year.  This resulted in a much reduced harvest of beans.


The beans and some of the maize will be used in the School Feeding Program which aims to provide a breakfast of porridge and a daily meal for the children.  Some of the sacks of maize will be sold to raise funds for the land rental in 2020 as well as the purchase of fertiliser and the hire of a tractor.

In 2020  six acres of land will be rented and this year we hope to intercrop the maize with beans.

Maize harvest Nov 2019.jpg

Some of the 106 x 90Kg bags of maize harvested in 2019.