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Volunteer from USA February 2019

In February 2019 Allie Mullin from the USA paid a third visit to Patmos School to volunteer her services there from the 11th February - 1st March, 2019. Allie had previously visited the school with a Medical Mission group in August 2018 and subsequently stayed on in Nairobi to help at the school.

During her time at the school Allie also donated funds for text books for the Grade 8 pupils.


Below is a Report produced by Corazon Milimu, one of the school social workers, which describes the volunteer work Allie was involved with and the impact her presence at the school had on children and staff.




Allie Mullin came to volunteer at Patmos School for the third time starting from 11th February to 1st March 2019. She engaged in different teaching and social work activities. She has been of much help to the school and it was an honor for the entire school community to host her. The activities she engaged in were:


1. Educational activities : Allie taught from grade six to grade eight. She taught English from grade six to grade eight, Social Studies in grade seven and Christian Religious Education in grade eight. In English, she taught the pupils about reading comprehension, vocabulary, language use and writing skills especially composition/essay writing. In Social Studies, she taught the grade seven class on map reading/ map interpretation. In Christian Religious Education, she taught pupils about Christianity and Traditional African Heritage. Allie also supported in the invigilation of mid-term examination and marking of the examinations too. She also supported in the drawing of charts for pre-primary two class.

2. Serving in the kitchen : Allie supported the kitchen staff, that is, Nancy and Carolyne to serve meals to children daily. She helped in serving porridge to the children and lunch as well. She was of incredible help to the kitchen and the children enjoyed her service.

3. Home visits and guidance and counselling session : Allie went for two home visits together with the social workers. She first went to Reagan Omondi’s home where she interacted with his mother and encouraged her. She also went to Ann Awino’s home. Allie was also part of the guidance and counselling session done by the social worker, Corazon. The grade seven and eight girls were being taught about time management skills. Allie also attended the morning devotional for the children.

4. Talent/skill development session and distribution of donations : Allie took the grade eight through a talent/skill development session where she taught them the art of drawing. She also brought donations which included: skipping ropes, kitchen knives, kitchen towels, Bibles, story books and colouring books as well as pens, chalk and crayons. The donations were of encouragement to the pupils and the entire school community.

The Patmos School community are very grateful for the support that they have been receiving from Allie.


Patmos School is extremely grateful to Allie for all her hard work, dedication and support during her time with us. We very much hope that Allie will visit us again in the near future.

Allies book donaation April 2019.JPG
Allie 1 Book donation 2019.JPG

The Grade 8 school children with their new text books.

allie 9.jpg

Allie Mullin teaching a class 

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