School Maize Farm 2022

In November 2021 a total of 87 x 90Kg bags of maize were harvested at the school maize farm.  


As a result of changing weather patterns in the region over the past two years this has severely impacted the harvest.  For example during the harvesting period in 2021 when the maize had been cut and left to dry in the fields before threshing, torrential rain at that time resulted in a large amounts of the maize decomposing.  The changing rain patterns also affected the bean harvest which this year yielded only 3 x 90 kg bags.


The cost of rental  land and farming inputs have all increased recently.  To pay for the rental of the land, 18 sacks of maize from last year's harvest will be sold.  In March additional sacks of maize will be sold when the prices for maize is expected to have increased.  Funds raised from these sales will finance the other farm costs including the purchase of fertiliser and the hire of farm equipment etc.  The remaining sacks of maize will be sold when prices are high and those funds will be used to purchase food such as rice and fruit in Nairobi for the School Feeding Program.  


This year the  maize will be planted and intercropped with beans on the 4 acres and thereafter in August the second season of bean planting will take place.

Maize Farm Update - April 2022

During the April school break, the Director of Patmos School, Richard Wanala Manya, visited the school maize farm.  He reported that he had been able to secure a new area with fallow land and had negotiated a cheaper rental payment for this land. The soil is arable and good for agriculture.  As the cost of fertiliser this year has doubled it was decided to rent only 4 acres of land in 2022.  The seeds and fertiliser have all now been bought and during Richard's visit to the farm, the land preparation was taking place prior to the seeds being planted.

The maize and beans grown at the school farm supplement the School Feeding Program which aims to provide a breakfast of porridge and a daily meal for all the children at Patmos School.


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Maize Farm Dec 2021.jpg
Maize 3 Farm Dec 2021.jpg

Richard with some of the 87x 90Kg bags of maize harvested in 2021.

Maize 2 farm April 2022.jpg
Maize 3 farm April 2022.jpg
Maize farm April 2022.jpg

The photos above were taken in April 2022 and show Richard with the farm workers during the preparation of the land ahead of planting.