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Orphan Outreach USA Mission Trip to Patmos Cottage School Jan 2023

During the week commencing 16th January, 2023 a Mission Group from Orphan Outreach USA visited Patmos Cottage School.

Orphan Outreach have been working alongside the school since 2012 raising much needed funds for the school operational budget, for school stationery and equipment and supporting the School Feeding Program. 


In 2019/2020 with funds donated by Mr. Stephen W. Spencer of Orphan Outreach the new Patmos Cottage School was built.


Their dedicated supporters have also raised funds for the purchase of land over recent years and  for the building of the school bore hole as well as for solar panels for the new Patmos Cottage School building. 

The Patmos School Board organises regular Parents/Teacher meetings to involve parents/guardians in their children's education.  

The new Patmos School building comprises three floors.  On the ground floor are the school offices and  washrooms as well as a large kitchen and store room.  The Pre-school classroom and Grades 1 and 2 classrooms are also on the ground floor.

On the first floor are the classrooms for the Grades 3 - 7 classes.  There is also a computer room/library and a large dining hall.

On the second floor is the Grade 8 classroom, another office and a large recreation area.  There are toilets/washrooms on all three floors. 

There are currently  209 pupils enrolled at Patmos Cottage School.  As well as the Head Teacher there is a total of 11 other  teachers at the school.  Richard as the original Founder and Head of Patmos School has recently taken on the new role of Patmos School Administrator.  There are also 2 cooks, 2 janitors, 1 caretaker, 2 security guards as well as a school social worker and 4 interns. 

All children at Patmos School receive a breakfast of porridge and a daily meal under the School Feeding Program.  Were it not for the meals provided at the school, many of the children would go hungry.  

During the period of school lockdown as a result of Covid 19, Patmos School together with Yatima Outreach continued to provide much needed support to the children through the school Distance Learning Program.  Read more


Whilst the school was forced to close for long periods in 2020, Richard and his staff, with funding from Yatima Outreach and kind donations by other supporters, ensured help was forthcoming to the families of the children by providing regular supplies of maize and flour as well as sanitisers and soap.   Richard also ensured that the families had regular access to clean water from the school borehole.  Read more  


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Please click on the below link to see some great photos and videos of the new school building which were taken by international photographer Ronnie Mosley who visited Patmos School in October 2020:

To read more about the new Patmos Cottage School click here

To read more about the construction of the new school building click here

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Seeing the wildlife up close.         6th Feb 2019

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