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Patmos pupils relocate to temporary school

On the 8th December, 2018 a borehole was installed in the school compound which will not only supply a good source of clean, safe drinking water for the school but will also serve as an income generating initiative by providing affordable water for the local community.

In January 2019 at the start of the new school term with funds raised by Orphan Outreach supporters,  a temporary school building was erected in a neighbouring area in Mathare.  This temporary relocation of the school will enable a permanent school building to be constructed on the existing site of Patmos School.

In March with the completion of the new temporary school building and the relocation of the school kitchen and Fresh Life toilets, all the pupils were able to transfer to the new building and continue with their lessons.

Patmos School is extremely grateful to Orphan Outreach and to their kind donors who worked so hard to raise the funds to enable the purchase of additional land as well as the installation of this bore hole.

Orphan Outreach and the school is now concentrating on raising the funds to enable the construction of a new school building.

 Patmos School acquisition of land has an interesting history:  READ MORE


Drilling the new borehole


Building the temporary school


Pupils relocated to temporary school building        

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