Visit to Patmos Cottage School by President of Orphan Outreach. July 2022

IOn the     July, 2022 the President of Orphan Outreach Mr. Rey Diaz, accompanied by the Orphan Outreach Vice President of Programs, Katherine Cheng, visited Patmos Cottage School. 


Orphan Outreach have been working alongside the school since 2012 raising much needed funds for the school operational budget, for school stationery and equipment and supporting the School Feeding Program.   In 2019/2020 with funds donated by Mr. Stephen W. Spencer of Orphan Outreach the new Patmos Cottage School was built.  Their dedicated supporters have also raised funds for the purchase of land over recent years and  for the building of the school bore hole as well as for solar panels for the new Patmos Cottage School building. 

Maize harvest Nov 2019.jpg

Some of the 106 x 90Kg bags of maize harvested in 2019.