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Visit to Patmos Cottage School by President of Orphan Outreach. July 2022

On the 28th June,2022 the  President of Orphan Outreach USA, Mr. Rey Diaz, and the Vice President of Programs, Katherine Cheng visited Patmos Cottage School.  They were accompanied by Breann Schwasinger who works alongside Katherine as well as Yatima Outreach corporate staff.  The guests arrived at the school at 9am and were given a guided tour by the Founder of the school, Mr Richard Wanjala Manya, and the Head teacher Peragia Masinde. 


The visitors were very impressed with the school and the efforts of the staff to provide good educational and pastoral support to the children.  They also recognised the strong support by the school that was given to the most vulnerable people within Mathare as a whole. 


The staff and children were assembled in the school playground where the guests were introduced and speeches were given by the President of Orphan Outreach Rey Diaz, Yatima Country Director, Tom Wambulwa, Patmos Cottage School Founder and Director, Mr Richard Wanjala Manya and the sponsorship co-ordinator and project officers at Yatima Outreach.  The Master of Ceremony was Deputy Head teacher Mr Acquines Shikuku .


After the speeches had finished the children returned to their respective classrooms where the visitors were able to interact with them at a more personal level.  The visit concluded with meetings with the Head teacher, the Director and Founder of the school and Yatima Outreach staff in the Director’s office.


The following day, the 29th June, the visitors met with the school social workers at the Yatima Outreach offices.  The meeting focused on child welfare and the transition to secondary school of pupils from Patmos Cottage School amongst other things.


 Orphan Outreach have been working alongside the school since 2012 raising much needed funds for the school operational budget, for school stationery and equipment and supporting the School Feeding Program. 


In 2019/2020 with funds donated by Mr. Stephen W. Spencer of Orphan Outreach the new Patmos Cottage School was built.


Their dedicated supporters have also raised funds for the purchase of land over recent years and  for the building of the school bore hole as well as for solar panels for the new Patmos Cottage School building. 

Visit 4 by Rey June 2022.jpg

The President of Orphan Outreach, Rey Diaz, addressing the children during his visit to the school  in July 2022

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