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School Maize Farm Harvest


 The maize and beans grown at the school maize farm are used in the School Feeding Program which helps to provide a daily nutritious meal for all the children as well as a breakfast of porridge. Kenya has experienced five consecutive below-average rainy seasons, causing the longest and most severe drought in recent history. 


The drought, combined with the high cost of fuel and fertiliser, has presented significant challenges for the farm workers at the school maize farm.  Only 1 x 90kg bag of beans was harvested in the first season planting this year and these will be used as bean seed in the next planting in 2024.  However, the maize harvest yielded 78 x 90kg bags of maize.  As long as land rental prices do not increase significantly, we intend to rent 5 acres of land in 2024. 

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Founder Richard Wanjala at the Maize Farm.jpg

Founder Richard Wanjala Manya at the Maize farm.  Maize and beans grown at the farm are used in the School Feeding Program.  December 2023

Outstanding Results in the KCPE Exams!

On 23rd November 2023  the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam results  were published. We are delighted to report that all 14 Grade 8 pupils who sat these exams did exceptionally well with the majority of them attaining scores above 300 which is well above the national 250 mark average score.  The mean score for all 14 pupils who sat these exams was 331.67 which is a tremendous achievement and the best ever result by the school.  Congratulations to all the children!  A huge thanks also to the teaching staff  who worked tirelessly not only during term time but also during the school break to offer additional help to these children with revision modules and for providing guidance and support throughout.



KCPE Grade 8 pupils Oct 2023.jpg

The Grade 8 pupils who sat the KCPE exams and who worked so hard to achieve these amazing results.  November 2023

School Healthcare Program

On Wednesday 15th – Friday 17th November, 2023 the second of the bi-annual health checks were carried out at the school. Under the School Health Program (SHP) the children receive a health check as well as deworming preparations and multivitamin supplements. 


In total Dr Daniel Busela, the school doctor, saw 187 children over the three day period and of those 20 were found to be suffering with minor ailments for which they were given the required treatment.  

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Healthcare 6 prog Nov 2023.jpg

Dr. Daniel Busela administering multivitamin supplements under the School Healthcare Program.  November 2023

End of Term Fun Day Out for PP1 - Grade 3 Pupils


At the end of term on the 14th November, 2023 Pupils from PP1 through to Grade 3 classes were treated to a fun day out. 


In total 82 pupils accompanied by 10 members of staff visited K Mall, Komarock which has a children’s fun park and adventure play area.  Two buses were hired to transport the children and teachers to the venue.  The children engaged in various fun activities including merry-go-round rides, trampolining, swimming and tunnel rides.  There was also a bouncy castle and face painting.

Fun 3 day out Nov 2023.jpg
Fun 1 day out Nov 2023.jpg

Pupils from PP1 through to Grade 3 classes enjoying a fun day out.  November 2023

Vocational Bible Study

 Vocational Bible Study (VBS), or Vacation Bible School as it is sometimes called, is a week-long fun-filled program that many churches offer usually during school breaks, to connect with the children and families in their communities.

The VBS activities at Patmos Cottage School ran for five days, from Monday 6th – Friday 10th November, 2023.  Each day had a set of activities planned with different facilitators and the aim was to make it fun and meaningful and  for the pupils to draw as many lessons as possible from the relevant stories and topics that were drawn from the Bible. The theme for the November VBS was “Be doers  of the word and not just hearers”.

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VBS 2 event Nov 2023.JPG
VBS event Nov 2023.JPG

Pupils attending the VBS event at Patmos Cottage School.
November 2023

Graduation Ceremony for PP2 Pupils.

On 3rd November 2023 Patmos school held a graduation ceremony for the Pre-Primary 2 (PP2) pupils, those aged 4-5 years.  The event was to celebrate the 19 pupils who will be transitioning to Grade 1 in January 2024 and was attended by parents/guardians, teachers and all the children.  During the course of the ceremony the PP1 class performed a traditional song and dance.  This was followed by a speech from the Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya.  After the speeches and introductions had finished, the Head teacher presented the pupils with their achievement certificates. The parents/guardians were all invited to give short speeches and accompanied their respective children when the certificates were awarded.  Thereafter a special celebration cake which had been baked especially for the occasion, was ceremoniously cut by teachers, parents and children.  All the children received a slice of the cake.  Our thanks to teacher Madam Judy Nyapera (PP2 class teacher) for organising this special event.

PP2 1 Graduation Ceremony Nov 2023.JPG
PP2 2 Graduation ceremony Nov 2023.JPG

The Graduation ceremony for PP2 pupils.  November  2023

School Uniform Appeal 

Please support  our ‘School Uniform Appeal’ and consider a gift of £20 ($US25) which would provide a full set of uniform and shoes for a child.  The uniforms and shoes are made by local people in Mathare and provide much needed work for them also.


A research article entitled 'The Impact of Distributing School Uniforms on Children’s Education in Kenya'  published in 2009 by economists at The World Bank, Harvard University and Yale University concludes that "uniform provision reduced school absenteeism in these Kenyan communities by 44% for the average student."

Please join us in making a positive impact at Patmos Cottage School by addressing the need to provide a school uniform for every child and in doing so help to prevent school absenteeism.  Please contribute if you can and contact the Founder Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya for more information   

2 Patmos Women's Tailoring Group Sept 2016 (3).JPG

Members of the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group making the school uniforms.  November 2023

2.  Patmos Tailoring Group Aug 2016 (2).JPG

Grade 8 and Grade 6 Pupils sit their National Exams


On 30th October, 2023 grades 8 and 6 pupils sat national exams.  There have in recent years been changes in the education system in Kenya. Under the new CBC (Competence Based Curriculum) system, children will begin their educational journey with 2 years of pre-primary education (pre-school) before moving on to primary school for 6 years.  The primary school will have lower and upper tiers, each covering 3 grades.  This means that primary school will cover grades 1 to 6. The first exam that is taken is KEYA (Kenya Early Years Assessment) which is done at the end of Grade 3.  Thereafter, the second national exam a pupil takes is the KPSEA (Kenya Primary School Education Assessment) and this is now sat at the end of Grade 6.  KPSEA gauges the pupil’s competence of knowledge, skills and attitudes attained during the grades 4, 5 and 6 of primary education.  After this exam all pupils transition to Junior School for the remaining grades 7, 8 and 9.  This transition will be under age based pathways or stage based pathways for those with learning disabilities dependent on the result of the KPSEA exam.

KCPE Grade 8 pupils Oct 2023.jpg

Grade 8 pupils at Patmos Cottage School who sat their KCPE exams this week.   October 2023

KPSEA Grade 6 pupils Oct 2023.jpg

Grade 6 pupils at Patmos Cottage School who sat their KPSEA exams this week.   October 2023

 UK Donor Funds New School Uniforms

 In October a donation was received from a young lady from Exeter, United Kingdom who has been a good friend and fundraiser for the school over many years.  Zara recently successfully completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and with the funds she raised through achieving that, the school has been able to purchase 6 sets of uniforms for girls in desperate need of a new set of clothing. 


The school dresses and jumpers are all made by local people in Mathare, so this donation is also providing work and a valuable source of income for these people.  Our thanks to Zara for all her efforts over the years!

Patmos School children who benefitted from a new school uniform October 2023.jpg
donation from Zara - 6 school sweaters Oct 2023.jpg

 Six girls at Patmos Cottage School who benefitted from a new school uniform.  October  2023

A Prayer Session was held for the KCPE and KPSEA pupils.

On Sunday 29th October a prayer session was held in the church hall for those children who will be sitting their KCPE and KPSEA national exams between 30th October and 2nd November.  Each child affirmed their commitment to doing their very best in the exams and wished their peers well.  Most of the Patmos School staff  were in attendance at the prayer session to offer their support to the children.  The children have worked hard over the previous months and in particular during the school breaks to ensure that they are well prepared for these exams. The teachers have supervised the pupils through a series of revision modules and have provided extra support and tuition to the pupils so as to give them the best possible chance of achieving good grades in these exams.  We wish all the candidates well!

Prayer 2 sesssion for KCPE and KPSEA pupils Oct 2023.jpg

A Prayer session was held in the church hall for the KCPE and KPSEA pupils.  October  2023

LoHo learning and Sprix Japan visit school

 On the 18th October, 2023 Patmos School welcomed visitors from LoHo learning together with their partner Sprix who are a Japan-based EdTech company. The purpose of the visit was to observe how the e-learning system is being utilised at the school and to assess the impact of the system on the children.  The children were assessed not only on how to utilise the online system, but also their overall digital skills, interests and competencies.  They were asked by the Sprix team to carry out various tasks ranging from doing tests on the LoHo e-learning system to computer programming.  The visitors appreciated the efforts that the school is making to ensure the children acquire quality education through digital skills.   

Loho learning and Sprix event Oct 2023.jpg

Patmos Cottage School pupils had their computer skills assessed by LoHo Learning and Sprix Japan.  October 2023

Spotlight Publishers donate text books and story books 


On the 6th October, 2023 Mr. Irungu from Spotlight publishers accompanied by the Project Officer from Yatima Outreach visited Patmos Cottage School.  Spotlight Publishers donated a supply of books to the school which included story books, text books for all grades and also a range of Class 8 revision materials.  Mr Irungu was then shown the school library where he had discussions with the Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, the Head teacher, the Head of the social work department and the school librarian.  The visitor was interested to learn more about the school and to look for ways in which Spotlight publishers might partner with the school for the benefit of the pupils, including looking at making further donations of books in the future.

Donation 2 of books Spotlight pub Oct 2023.JPG

Children and the Founder of Patmos Cottage School alongside Mr. Irungu from Spotlight Publishers, the Headteacher and the Project Officer from Yatima Outreach. October 2023

Sport and Board Games at Patmos Cottage School 


Over the last few months pupils have been encouraged to take part in a range of sporting activities at the school in preparation for the school sports day which will be held during the Third Term. 


Board games such as chess, scrabble and snakes and ladders have also been available for the children to play on Tuesdays and Thursday of each week and this has proved to be very popular. It is hoped that by playing these board games and teaching in a fun way, that it will help to improve the children’s spelling and their numeracy skills as well as improving their concentration.

Pupils playing chess.jpg

Children at Patmos Cottage School enjoying a game of chess.  2023

 Patmos Cottage School Debating Club

As part of the many co-curricular activities provided at Patmos Cottage School, Grade 4 – Grade 8 pupils are encouraged to take part in the Debating Club.  This club provides the opportunity for children to build self-confidence and helps them develop skills to express their feelings and interpret ideas.  It has proved to be a very popular club and takes place fortnightly on a Thursday.

2 Debating club 2023.jpg

 The Patmos Cottage School Debating Club. 2023

 Pupils attend the Nairobi Book Fair

On the 29th September, 2023 pupils attended the Nairobi Book Fair at the Sarit Centre, Nairobi.   A pupil representative was selected from each of the  Grade 4 – Grade 8 classes to represent the school at this event.  The pupils had an opportunity to visit various stands organised by different publishers. They also interacted with the books on display and enjoyed taking part in board games including chess.  Educational experiences like this can have a lasting, positive impact on children but sadly they are not a common occurrence for pupils attending schools in areas like Mathare.   Therefore, Patmos Cottage School is very grateful to Yatima Outreach who provided the funding support to make this exciting trip possible.

Book 5 Fair Sarit Centre Sept 2023.jpeg

 Patmos Cottage School pupils attending the Nairobi Book Fair. September  2023

Visit to Nairobi Trade Fair

On the 28th September, 2023 a total of 88 pupils from Grades 4 – 8 classes together with 10 members of staff visited the Nairobi Trade Fair.  The visit was an important opportunity for the children to learn about the latest innovations in agriculture, transport, education and health technology.  The children visited different exhibits and stands for animals as well as stands for crops such as cabbages, maize, coffee, bananas and also fish ponds.  A variety of modern agriculture and farming technologies were on display such as automated milking systems, precision irrigation systems, automated harvesting machines and genetic selection tools. These technologies can help farmers to increase yields, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their products.  The children came away from the event feeling inspired and motivated by the new ideas and possibilities they had experienced and it will definitely have a lasting positive impact on their future studies and careers.

Nairobi Trade Fair Sept 2023.jpg

Grade 4 - Grade 8 pupils from Patmos Cottage School attending the Nairobi Trade Fair.  September 2023

Computer Teacher and Pupils attend Ed-Tech Summit

 On the 20/09/2023 a small group of students from Patmos Cottage School accompanied by the school computer teacher attended the Kenya EdTech Summit at the  Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa( CEMASTEA )in Nairobi. They were sponsored by LoHo E-Learning and Yatima Outreach. The LoHo E-learning system is built specifically for schools. The summit focused on the best strategies, practices and methodologies of ICT integration in teaching and learning at school and about deploying, integrating and using online IT products for education.  Each session at the summit included an interactive overview and tips and inspiring ideas on how to use the platform for teaching and learning and all the activities were designed to help beginners to understand the power of E-learning. 


The children had an amazing experience at CEMASTEA and were given a tour of the centre before and after the sessions.  They were able to demonstrate their IT skills to the Tech Entrepreneurs who were impressed and interested to know more about our school.

Ed-Tech summit Sept 2023.jpeg

Patmos Cottage School pupils attending the Kenya Ed-Tech Summit.    September 2023

Patmos Cottage School School Sports Day 


On the 8th September, 2023 Patmos Cottage School held their first ever school sports day at the Depot Police Grounds.   All pupils and staff were divided into their respective houses namely, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow House and each house had a total of 50 members.  The sporting activities included athletics, tug of war, football, aerobics as well as fun games including balloon popping and a treasure hunt.

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Sports Day 5 Sept 2023.jpg

Children and staff participating in the School Sports Day. September 2023

 Former Students Secure University Places

We are delighted to report that three former Patmos Cottage School pupils have been awarded places at university and they will be commencing their degree courses in September. Destim will be studying for a Bachelor of Education Degree and Luciah will be commencing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance at the Maseno University. Esther has been offered a place at the Bureti Technical Training Institute where she will be pursuing a Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Management. Our thanks to Yatima Outreach for providing some ongoing support to these students and in doing so making it possible for children to continue into higher education.

5 Former Patmos pupils Destim, Luciah and Esther Aug 2023.jpg

 These former  Patmos Cottage School students will be taking up university places in September.  2023

Vocational Bible Study Event

 In August Pupils from Patmos Cottage School attended a Vocational Bible Study event (VBS). The VBS activities ran for five days from 14th - to 18th August, 2023. VBS is a week-long fun-filled program that many churches offer usually during school breaks, to connect with the children and families in their communities. Relevant stories and topics were drawn from the Bible to enable the children to understand the theme for the August VBS, “How God Hears and answers prayers”.

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4 VBS August 2023.jpg

A Vocational Bible Study event held at Patmos School.  August 2023

KNEC School Based Assessment Projects

In the months May through to August 2023 the children were engaged in curricular and co-curricular activities.  The main curricular activities were classroom teaching and the administration of the Kenya National Examination Council School Based Assessment for projects and practical subjects for Grade 3 to Grade 7 pupils. 


These activities included a clothing and textile construction project as well as arts and crafts activities which saw the making of workbooks and beaded bracelets.  The children were also taught laundry skills.

KNEC SBA projects clothing and textile.jpg

Pupils being taught sewing skills and about clothing and textile construction.  2023

Class 8 Pupils Prepare for the End of Year KCPE Exams


 Class 8 pupils who will be sitting their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in late October have been given extra support by teachers and every fortnight they have been sitting exams in preparation for their end year national exam. Their overall mean score is currently at 306 Marks and we are hopeful that they will post impressive results come the end of the academic year. This has also been enhanced by consistent motivation through the giving of awards for the highest mark per subject and for marks improvement. We wish them well!

3 Class 8 fortnightly assessment 2023.jpg

Children sitting the fortnightly assessment exams.  2023

Outdoor learning activities for Pre-School Children

Pre- school children at Patmos Cottage School carried out an environmental awareness activity where they took part in cleaning areas in and around the school premises and demonstrated the importance of maintaining clean surroundings for the benefit of everyone’s  daily health and well-being.

1 Pre-school environmental awareness activitiy Aug 2023.jpg

Pre-school children taking part in an environmental awareness activity.   2023

Visit by County Regional Director of Education

On the 10th May, 2023 the County Regional Director of Education (RDE) visited Patmos Cottage School for an important meeting.  The meeting was attended by Directors and Heads of APBET schools (Alternative Providers of Basic Education and Training) within Mathare.  Also present at this meeting were the Nairobi Region Director of Education and the Nairobi Region Director for Quality Assurance as well as the project officer from Yatima Outreach.  The main agenda was focused on discussions and concerns raised by the APBET schools concerning school management and  the proposed establishment of Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) in every primary institution.

Visit by RDE May 2023.jpeg

The Directors and Heads of APBET schools attended the meeting at Patmos Cottage School.  May 2023

Patmos Cottage School - Maize Farm Project 

On the 10th April, 2023 Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya visited the school maize farm.  He reported that beans had been interplanted with the maize.  The first weeding of the fields has now commenced and is expected to take two or three days to complete, this process will then be repeated in about a month’s time.  Once the weeding has finished eurea will be spread to help nourish the maize crop. Eurea is primarily used as a fertiliser and is a chloride free ice melting salt.  The first crop of beans are expected to be harvested in June when a second season bean planting will take place.  The maize and beans grown at the farm are used to supplement the School Feeding Program.

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Maize 4 farm April 2023.jpeg

 The farm worker busy at work carrying out the first lot of weeding.  The maize has been intercropped with beans this year.   April 2023

Donation of Solar Lanterns 


On 31st March, 2023 the Founder and Administrator of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, received a donation of 17 solar lanterns from Japanese NGO First Access.  First Access is a Non-governmental non-profit making organisation. They support children in Africa and are committed to provide continuous support to off-grid children with donations of solar lanterns.  Patmos Cottage School were donated 10 solar lanterns with the remaining 7 lanterns designated for families in the rural Mount Elgon region.

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Mount 2 Elgon Solar lanterns April 2023.jpg

Children at Patmos Cottage School and in the remote Mount Elgon region received solar lanterns.  April 2023

Patmos Cottage School Healthcare Program

Under the Patmos Cottage School Healthcare Program, (SHP), on the 21st and 22nd March, 2023 the children received the first of their biannual health checks.  Dr. Daniel Busela has been supporting the school for the past ten years and during that time he has provided the children with half yearly health checks, de-worming treatments and oral vitamin supplements. 


A total of 220 children were seen by the doctor over the two day period.  Dr. Daniel commented on the good health of the majority of the children which in no small part he attributed to the School Feeding Program.


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Healthcare 6 prog March 2023.jpg

Dr. Daniel Busela carrying out health checks on pupils at Patmos Cottage School.  March 2023

Visit by Orphan Outreach Programs Director   

On the 13th March, 2023 Mr. Mortimer Jones, Orphan Outreach Programs Director, visited Patmos Cottage School.  He was given a guided tour and briefed on the history of the school by Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, Founder and Administrator.  Mr. Jones interacted with staff and pupils and also met with post graduate students who transitioned from the school and who are now attending university. During his time at the school the guest was taken through specific programs implemented at Patmos Cottage school aimed at giving a holistic development approach to the pupils and employees, e.g. the school feeding program, psycho-social support, sanitation, library sessions during holidays as well as  games and Vocational Bible studies for all students over the holiday periods.  Mr. Jones was very impressed about  the implementation of (CBC) curriculum-based competency and its expected outcome for the pupils.

Mortimer 12 Jones visit March 2023.JPG

Mr. Mortimer Jones playing with the children during his visit to Patmos Cottage School.  March 2023

Yatima Outreach donate text books and teachers' guide books 

On 23rd Feb 2023 Patmos Cottage School received new copies of text books from Yatima Outreach  for the Junior Secondary School (JSS) pupils.  The school librarian has been busy cataloging and stamping the books prior to entering them onto the library data base.  


Teachers’ guide books for various subjects were also donated.  The librarian aims to cover the books with protective coverings to prolong the shelf life of these books as soon as the material has been procured.

Patmos Cottage School is very grateful to Yatima Outreach for these much needed books.

Book donation Feb 2023 (2).jpg

 The Headmistress, Mrs. Peragia Masinde, with some of the donated text books and teachers' guide books.  February 2023

Donation of Reference Books


On Monday 20th February, 2023 Patmos Cottage School received a donation of reference books from Lyons Tutorial College courtesy of its proprietor, Madam Lucy Gakundi. 


The books have since been classified according to learning areas by the school librarian.  The  Head teacher Mrs. Peragia Masinde was extremely grateful for this donation and took Madam Lucy on a guided tour of the school.  Refreshments were then served in the school office.

Book donation from Lyons Tutorial College Feb 2023.jpg

Headmistress Mrs. Peragia Masinde with Madam Lucy Gakundi from the Lyons Tutorial College.  February 2023

Student Council Elections held at Patmos Cottage School

On 17th February, 2023 Patmos Cottage School held the annual student council elections.  Those elected to the council were the President, Vice President, Senators and Governors for the various classes.


 Pupils had previously been notified of the vacant positions and were encouraged to apply for those roles within a specified time frame.  The following day the deputy Headteacher and departmental heads briefed the newly elected council members about their specific roles.  These elections are aimed at capacity building.


student council elections Feb 2023.jpg

Voting at the Student Council Elections which were held at the school.  February 2023 

Patmos Cottage School welcomes new Teacher    

On 16th Feb 2023 the Patmos Cottage School fraternity welcomed a new member of staff.  Teacher Rebecca Barrazza will be responsible for facilitating the upper primary and  Junior Secondary School (JSS) learning areas such as English , Home Science and Agriculture.

We wish Rebecca all the very best in her new job.

TEaching staff Feb 2023.jpg

The Headmistress and teaching staff at Patmos Cottage School.  February 2023

Orphan Outreach member of staff visits school. 

0n the 7th and 8th February, 2023 – a member of staff from Orphan Outreach USA and her friend John also from the USA visited Patmos Cottage School.  The lady sponsors a child at the school and during her time there she was given a tour of the new school building.  She was also able to interact and play with the children and meet with staff. 


On the second day the visitor accompanied by two of her friends made a home visit and met with the parents of a child at the school where she donated food items and other essential household products.  During her time in Kenya she also visited two other projects that are supported by Orphan Outreach.

Danae 6 visits school Feb 2023.JPG

 The visitor from the USA playing with some of the children at Patmos Cottage School.  February 2023

Students from USA visit Patmos Cottage School


In late January 2023 a group of 4 students who were on an academic tour visited Patmos Cottage School. 


During their time at the school the students interacted with teaching staff and children and took part in lessons in the classrooms.  They also made a home visit to a family in Mathare where they donated food and other items to a family who live there.

Students from USA visit school Jan 2023.JPG

The group of students from the USA donating bags of shopping to a family during their home visit in Mathare.  January 2023

School Conservation and Ecology trip.

On Tuesday January 31st, 2023 a total of 48 children accompanied by 1 teacher and 1 school social worker went on an Ecology and Conservation trip to the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi.  Each year the education department at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya) AFEW, allocate places free of charge to school children who would not otherwise be able to take part in such trips. 


The AFEW (K) has been supporting Patmos Cottage School  for several years  now and many children from the school  have benefitted from being able to go on these educational visits.  

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Giraffe 2 Centre visit Jan 2023.jpg

Patmos Cottage School children at The Giraffe Centre. Jan 2023

Orphan Outreach Mission Group visit Patmos Cottage School       

On Tuesday 17th January, 2023 a Mission Group organised by Orphan Outreach visited Patmos Cottage School.  During their time there they were given a tour of the new school building and took part in the launch of the school library.  They were able to interact with pupils and teachers in the classroom as well as in VBS activities.  

The group revisited the school on the 20th January where they were able to go on home visits to families of some of the children accompanied by members of staff.

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OO Mission Group visit Patmos Jan 2023.JPG

The Orphan Outreach Mission Group outside the school. January 2023

Maize and Bean Harvest 2022

In late December, during the Christmas school break, the Founder and Director of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, visited the school maize farm.  The harvest in 2022 yielded 71 x 90 KG bags of maize and 2 x 90KG bags of beans.  Some of this food will be used in the School Feeding Program whilst the remainder will be sold to raise funds to purchase other items of food.


Because of the current high cost of fertiliser and for land rental, Richard has only rented 4 acres of land for the 2023 season.

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Maize 1 harvest 2022.jpg

 Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, with some of the bags of maize.  December 2022

Outstanding Results in the KCPE Exams


In November 2022  pupils in the Grade 8 class sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.  We are delighted to report that all 12 students did exceptionally well in those exams with many of them attaining scores above 300 which is well above the national 250 mark average score.  The mean score for all 12 pupils who sat these exams was 300.67.  Well done Patmos Cottage School children and teachers!

In March 2022 another group of Grade 8 pupils sat their exams and achieved equally remarkable results.

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GRade 8 pupils sitting the KCPE exams Nov 2022.jpg

The 12 pupils from the Grade 8 class who achieved amazing results in their recent KCPE exams.  December 2022

Patmos Cottage School Christmas Party

On Friday 9th December, 2022 Patmos Cottage School held a very colourful end of year Christmas party for pupils, staff, invited guests and community elders. In total 206 pupils, 30 staff members and 14 elders attended this event.

For many children living in disadvantaged communities and informal settlements like Mathare, they will never have received a Christmas or birthday gift or been treated to a special meal.  Their parents/guardians who are often living on subsistence incomes simply would not be able to afford it.   Therefore, the school Christmas party provides an opportunity for them to experience the joy and spirit of Christmas. 

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Christmas party 1 Dec 2022.jpg

Patmos Cottage School Christmas Party.  December 2022

Vocational Bible Study Event December 2022       

​Between the 5th and 8th December, 2022 pupils at Patmos Cottage School attended a Vocational Bible Study event at the school.  Vocational Bible Study, (VBS) is a fun-filled program many churches offer, usually during the summer months or at the end of the school year, to connect with the children and families in their communities.  It is an outreach event and the purpose is to incorporate themed activities that entertain children with the chance also to learn about God.  VBS is a popular end of term activity for Christians and non-Christians alike.

VBS picture.jpg

Graduates attending a teaching session at the VBS event.  December 2022

Kind sponsor from UK donates funds for party.

A kind sponsor from the United Kingdom donated some funds to go towards the school Christmas party.  With those funds Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya (Founder of the school), was able to purchase soft drinks as well as cooking oil and other food items.


This sponsor has been a dear Friend of Patmos Cottage  School for many years and during that time  she has sponsored a young girl through her primary and junior school studies at the school and is now continuing to sponsor her with her secondary school fees.   Thank you Viv!

Refreshments xmas party donated by Viv Dec 2022.jpg

 Refreshments and other food items bought for the Christmas party.  December 2022

Two Day Team-Building and Leadership Skills Event.


Yatima Outreach held its annual team building activity on the 1st and 2nd December 2022. It brought together Yatima Outreach employees from all its centres within and outside Nairobi. Patmos Cottage School was represented by Heads of Department and also included the school Director/Administrator Mr Richard Wanjala Manya, the Assistant Administrator, the Head teacher, Mrs. Masinde, as well as the head of the social work department and colleagues from the accounts department.  

Team 2 Building Dec 2022.JPG

Mr. Tom Wambulwa, Country Director, and Yatima Outreach colleagues at the Two Day Team-Building event.  December 2022

Grade 6 Pupils sit their National Exams in November

On 28th and 29th November, 2022 pupils in the current Grade 6 Class at Patmos Cottage School sat their national exams.

The Ministry of Education in Kenya are implementing a new educational system which commences January 2023, whereby the 2022 Grade 6 pupils and all Grade 6 pupils in subsequent years will sit a national exam.  The current Grade 6 pupils will then transition to a government ‘junior secondary’ school in January 2023.  

We wish all the Grade 6 pupils well in their exams.



Grade 6 pupils sitting Nationa exams Nov 2022.jpg

The Grade 6 pupils who sat their National Exams on the 28th and 29th November, 2022

Grade 8 Pupils sit their KCPE exams in November       

On the 28th and 29th November, 2022  the 12 pupils in the Grade 8 class sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

The results of these exams will determine which secondary schools these children will be able to attend next year.  The teachers have worked extremely hard to prepare the children for these exams and the children are determined to do their very best.  We wish them all well!

GRade 8 pupils sitting the KCPE exams Nov 2022.jpg

The Grade 8 pupils who sat their KCPE exams on 28th/29th November 2022

Prayer Day Ceremony for Grade 8 and Grade 6 pupils

On 27th November 2022 a Prayer Day ceremony took place at Patmos Cottage School for the class 8 pupils who would be sitting their KCPE exams and for the current Grade 6 pupils who for the first time would be sitting a national exam.  


The ceremony was presided over by the Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Pastor Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya of the Evangelical Bible Ministry Church and it was attended by parents, teachers and the children.  

Prayer Day Ceremony Nov 2022.jpg

 Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Pastor Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya led the prayers for the Grade 8 and Grade 6 pupils.   November 2022

Graduation Ceremony for PP2 children at Patmos Cottage School


On 25th November 2022 Patmos Cottage school held a graduation ceremony for PP2 pupils. The event was to celebrate these children transitioning to Grade 1 in January 2023 and was attended by parents/guardians, teachers and all the school children.

As well as performances from the current PP1 and Grade 5 classes, there was a celebration cake and each of the graduates received a certificate of achievement.  The event was organized by PP2 Class teacher Madam Resquiter Imali.

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Graduation 4 PP2 photos Nov 2022.jpg

 Class teacher Madam Resquiter Imali with the PP2 pupils who will be transitioning to Grade 1 in 2023.  November 2022 .