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Distance Learning Prog and Pupil Support during Covid-19 alert


During this time of temporary school closure, as well as providing outreach support in the community in respect of food and water supplies, the Headmaster together with the teachers and school social workers have also  continued to try and  provide a holistic approach to ensuring the general well-being of the children.  Teachers have also tried to ensure wherever possible that the children have sufficient revision and  home work to do whilst the school is closed.  

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A pupil receiving home work from one of the teachers under the Patmos School Distance Learning Prog.

UK Sponsor donates funds to Patmos School for food

In June, a long standing UK supporter who has been sponsoring a pupil at Patmos School for many years, kindly donated funds to enable the purchase of 10 large sacks of flour, each sack contained 12 x 2Kg bags of flour.  The 2kg bags  were then distributed to families of Patmos School children. Patmos School is incredibly grateful for this donation which has made a huge difference to the children, many of whom only receive one meal a day when the school is closed.

To read more about how the school has continued to support the families during the lock down please click below.

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The 2Kg bags of sifted maize flour being distributed to families in Mathare.

Rice Distribution to families of Patmos School children

On 13th and 14th May  the Headmaster organised further distributions of  rice to families of Patmos School children.  In total 80 families received 2Kg of rice each.

Since the Kenyan government ordered the temporary closure of schools on 15th March, 2020 the Headmaster and his team have been actively supporting  people in the community. 


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Rice being distributed to families in the Mathare 4B District.

Additional land purchased for Patmos School


In April with funding received from an Orphan Outreach supporter, an additional piece of land was purchased for Patmos School.   The land is situated adjacent to the new school building and will provide much needed additional space for the school.  


Land for sale in Mathare does not come on the market very often and therefore it was important to purchase this land for the future security of the school.

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 Photograph showing the area of land which has just been purchased.  The dilapidated shack will be demolished.  

Food, Sanitisers and Soap Distribution to Families in Mathare

 On the 15th March, 2020 the Kenyan government, in response to the threat of coronavirus , ordered that primary  and secondary schools be closed with immediate effect.  

Since Patmos School temporarily closed  the Headmaster and staff  have been reaching out to the families  of the school children with food supplies, hand sanitisers and bars of soap.

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The temporary school building is currently being used as a distribution centre for food, sanitisers and soap for families in the community in Mathare.

Update on new Patmos School building

We are delighted to report that work on the new Patmos School building has been progressing well over the last few months.  There is still some internal work that needs to be completed before the school can officially open but we can confirm that the third floor playground has now been completed.  

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The new Patmos School building due to be completed soon.

Ecology and Conservation trip to Giraffe Centre

On Friday 13th March, 2020 a total of 48 children from Patmos School, accompanied by 1 teacher and 1 school social worker, went on an Ecology and Conservation trip to the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi. 


Each year the Education department at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya) AFEW, allocate places free of charge to school children who would otherwise not be able to take part in such trips. The Ecology excursion is a special and exciting day’s outing for the children. It starts with a trip to the Nairobi National Park and Animal Orphanage.

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Patmos School children enjoying an educational visit to The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi.

After School Clubs at Patmos School


In February 2020 a Scouts Club was formed at Patmos School.  The club is aimed at instilling the fundamental basics of Scouting  in the young person and fostering the spirit of fellowship,  respect for God, and patriotism. The scout movement is  dedicated to building character and giving young people the skills to be better people and citizens. 

Patmos School runs many after school clubs including an Environment club and a Music and Drama club.

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 Patmos School children attending the newly formed  Scouts Club.

Orphan Outreach and individual donors help former pupils attend secondary school

 We are delighted to report that all the children from the Grade 8 class last year have now taken up places at secondary schools.  Our thanks to Orphan/Yatima Outreach for providing some financial assistance to help these students with their secondary school fees and requirements.   We are also extremely grateful to those individual sponsors who have supported children at Patmos School and who continue to help those children with their secondary school fees.

Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya, parents and some of the former Patmos School pupils who started secondary school this year.

Registration of Patmos School with the MOE

On the 21st February, 2020 the Headmaster finally received notification from the government that Patmos School has now been officially registered with the Ministry of Education as a private primary school.  

It has taken Headmaster Richard and his colleagues a lot of hard work to achieve this registration certificate but it now means that the school can go ahead and register as an examination centre which will enable the children in the Grade 8 class to sit their KCPE exams at Patmos School.


The Grade 8 children who will be sitting their KCPE exams this year.

Parents/Teacher Meeting

On the 24th January, 2020 the first ever Parents/Teacher Association meeting took place at Patmos School.    Present at the meeting were over 100 parents/guardians together with teachers, school social workers and community leaders.  Parents of newly enrolled children were also invited and were made aware of the school rules and regulations.

The Headmaster addressing the parents and guardians at the PTA meeting.

Dedication Ceremony for the new Patmos School

On Monday 20th January, 2020 a Dedication Ceremony was held in Mathare for the new Patmos School building.   There is still some work on the new school that needs completing before the children can finally move in,  but it is hoped that it will be ready by May when the official opening ceremony will take place.  

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 His Grace, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit presided over the Dedication Ceremony for the new Patmos School Building.

Donation of stationery and other items

 In January at the start of the new  year Orphan Outreach kindly donated supplies of stationery and food to the school. There was also a donation of under garments for the children which were donated by a kind supporter of Orphan Outreach.

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Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya with some of the stationery supplies.

Donation of School Uniforms and Shoes

In January with funds donated by a kind  supporter of Orphan Outreach the Headmaster was able to purchase school uniforms and shoes.  In total 174 pairs of shoes and socks were distributed to the school children as well as 84 sets of school uniforms.  The girls received a dress and warm sweater and the boys a school shirt, pair of shorts and a sweater.


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School uniform  donation OO Jan 2020.jpg

Patmos School children of all ages received uniforms and shoes.

Maize and Bean harvest 2019

In late December the Headmaster visited the school maize farm and reported that the total harvest from the farm for 2019 yielded 106 x 90Kg bags of maize and 2 x 90Kg bags of beans. 


Some of the maize will be used in the School Feeding Programme and the rest will be sold to raise funds to finance the land rental for 2020 and the purchase of fertiliser.  

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To read about the background to the school maize farm click here

Some of the 106 x 90Kg bags of maize harvested in 2019.

Christmas Party held at school

On  the 6th December, 2019 Patmos Junior School hosted the annual Christmas party for the school children.  It was indeed a colourful and enjoyable event.  Nancy and Carolyn the school cooks, purchased the food items for the party from the local markets, these included rice, chicken, beef, flour, oil, and potatoes.  They also bought ingredients to enable them to make a special pilau  and chapatis which are favourites of the children. 

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Patmos Junior School children enjoying a special Christmas dinner.

Update on new School Building

 In November work was progressing well on the construction of the new  building with the plastering of walls and installation of windows well underway.

We are delighted to announce that the Dedication Ceremony of the new Patmos Junior School  will take place on 20th January, 2020 at 10.00 am.


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The plastering of the classrooms walls is well underway.

Vacation 4 Bible School Nov 2019.jpg

Patmos School children attending the Vacation Bible School

Combined Graduation and Farewell Party

On the 31st October, 2019 Patmos School held a combined  "Graduation and Farewell Party".  The graduation party was for those children progressing from the pre-school to primary school in January 2020 and the farewell party was for the 12 children in the Grade 8 class who sat  their KCPE exams last week and who will be  leaving Patmos School at the end of the year.

The school was decorated for this special occasion and brightly coloured gowns had been hired for the event.  Each child received a graduation certificate. 

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The children with their Graduation Certificates.

School Healthcare Program

On  the 27th and 28th November, 2019  133 children at Patmos School attended at the clinic of Dr Daniel Okal Busela in Mathare where they each received a health check-up  as well as oral vitamin supplements and deworming preparations.

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Dr Daniel Okal Busela administering oral vitamin supplements to one of the children.

Visit from Parklands Baptist Church

 On the 25th October, 2019 members from the Parklands Baptist Church Nairobi visited Patmos School. 


The team was led by Walter and three teachers from the church accompanied him.  During their time at the school they donated several Bibles as well as other reading materials which illustrated the dangers of drug and alcohol use.


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The Headmaster receiving Bibles and other reading materials from members of the Parklands Baptist Church.

Rey Diaz visit Oct 2019.jpg

Rey Diaz advising the teaching staff on the writing of profiles for the school children.

Patmos School Build Project Update October

The Clerks of Work has reported that with regard to the main school building that progress has been made on the main structure and that they are currently preparing to cast the second floor slab next week. 

The foundations and columns have also been completed for the tank tower and that the construction work is also progressing well.

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The new Patmos School building is progressing well.

School Trip to the National Museum of Kenya

On the 11th October, 2019 a total of 44 pupils from the Grade 4 to Grade 7 classes went on an educational school trip and visited  the National Museum of Kenya and  the Snake Orphanage.  The children were accompanied by 5 teachers and one of the school social workers.


In the National Museum the children were able to learn about the history of Kenya including information about the migration of different communities in Kenya.  There was also an archive of the wildlife and birds of East Africa.

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Children from the Grade 4 to Grade 7 classes visiting the National Museum of Kenya.

Combined Birthday Celebration Event

 On the 4th October, 2019 a party was organised to celebrate the birthdays of those children who were born between September and December. As part of the celebrations the children were to enjoy a special meal  which consisted of  rice, meat and potatoes.  Two large birthday cakes had also been baked for the occasion and three children assisted by one of the teachers  were given the honour of cutting the cake and blowing out the candles. 


The main school room at the temporary school building was decorated with banners and balloons.


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Some of the children who were celebrating their birthdays about to enjoy a slice of birthday cake.

school build 2 project sept 2019.jpg

In September 2019 the first floor of the new school building was completed.

Orphan Outreach donate funds for stationery.

In August Orphan Outreach kindly provided the fund s for the Headmaster to purchase the third term’s stationery requirement. 

The  items bought included exercise books, pens, pencils,  chalk, crayons and paper.

Orphan Outreach have been supporting the school for many years now and without their help and funding the school would not have the resources to be able to provide a good standard of education.

Some of the children with the stationery supplies provided by Orphan Outreach.

Headmaster visits goat farm

During the recent school break the Headmaster visited the goat farm to check on the health of the goats.  Three of the goats were due to give  birth in September.  With funds raised so far this year from milk that has already been sold on the farm, the Headmaster plans to purchase school uniforms for some of the children at the school whose uniforms are in disrepair. 

The uniforms will be made by the women in the Patmos Women's Tailoring group which is an income generating initiative set up to help mothers and guardians of children at the school.

The Headmaster visiting the goat farm in September 2019

Headmaster visits school maize farm

 During the summer school break, the Headmaster visited the school maize farm to check on the progress of the maize and bean crops.  In previous years we have been able to plant two seasons of beans, one in the spring and one in the autumn.  However,  as there were heavy rains in May the first bean crop was delayed and subsequently not planted as farmers in the region were predicting a poor bean harvest.   The second season bean plant is now under way and it is anticipated that the beans will be harvested this year at the same time as the maize sometime in October/November.

Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya inspecting the maize crop.

Orphan Outreach fund school uniforms and sweaters

In August 2019 Orphan Outreach provided vital funds for much needed school uniforms and sweaters.  The school uniforms will be made by the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group and the sweaters are knitted by a local woman in Mathare.  In total 59 children will receive a warm school sweater, 10 girls will receive a new school dress and 17 boys will receive a new shirt. 


The Patmos Women's Tailoring Group is an income generating initiative which was set up in 2014 to help some of the mothers/guardians of children at the school earn a living.

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PWTG 5 Aug 2019.jpg

Members of the Patmos Women's Tailoring Group

Patmos School Build Project

We are delighted to report that  by  August much progress had been achieved on site and the Headmaster reported that work on the  ground floor walls had been completed and that the next stage would be the casting of the first floor.The second phase of the school building work is due to commence shortly.


Both Mike Douris, the President of Orphan Outreach and Amy Norton the Co-Founder and Vice President of  Strategic Partnerships  at Orphan Outreach visited Patmos School in July and they were able to have substantive discussions with the architects, clerk of works and contractors at that site .The new school building is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.


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New school build Aug 2019.jpg

An aerial view of the new school building in August 2019

After School Clubs

 At Patmos School the teachers run several after school clubs including a Debating Club, a Music and Drama Club and an Environmental Club.  The teachers continue to provide a Sports and Games Club at the temporary school despite the lack of outside space.  There is also a Photographic Club  which is run by the Mwelu Foundation. 

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The Music and Drama Club, children performing a traditional dance.

Medical Mission Camp at Patmos School

 On the  15th and 16th July, 2019 Patmos School were delighted to receive a team of 26 visitors from the USA.  Among the team were 4 doctors.  A large tent had been hired for the occasion.   The children received vaccinations and  medications for minor ailments where necessary. 

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Some of the members of the Medical Mission group engaging with the children.

Visit by members from The Green House Church USA

On the 8th and 9th July, 2019 members of the Green House Church USA visited Patmos School.  During their time there they conducted teacher training sessions as well as Vacation Bible School classes.  The team also engaged with the children in Craft lessons and played games with them.

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Green House 3 Church July 2019.jpg

Members from The Green House Church USA conducting teacher training sessions at Patmos School.

Visit by Amy Norton (Orphan Outreach) and Mission Group

In early July Amy Norton, the Co-Founder and Vice President of  Strategic Partnerships  at Orphan Outreach, visited Patmos School with  a Mission Team comprising teachers  and other members from the USA.  During their time at the school the group conducted Vocational Bible Study Classes  as well as engaging with the children in outdoor games.   They also ran craft lessons where the children were given a plain cloth bag and encouraged to personalise it as well as making hats and other fun items. The visit also provided an opportunity for Amy to check on the progress of the new school build project. 


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Amy Norton with the Mission Team from the USA

School Trip to Tigoni Forest

On Wednesday 5th June, 2019 which was World Environment Day,  Claire Nasike  Founder of The Hummingbird Foundation took a group of 20  children from Patmos School to an environmental event which was held at the UNEP  (United Nations Environment Program) Centre in Nairobi.  A teacher from Patmos School accompanied Claire and the children. 


During the day the children were taken for an educational walk through the forest where they were taught about the various seedlings and  trees.  They also had the opportunity to plant some trees.  Read more

The children received an educational talk as they walked through the Tigoni Forest.

New School Building Under Construction

On the 14th April, 2019 after all the necessary legal documents and contracts had been signed by all stakeholders, construction work finally commenced on the building of a new, permanent school for Patmos school children.

Before the work started on the demolition of the old school structure and the digging of the foundations, a prayer ceremony was held on the school site which is commonly known as ‘Groundbreaking Prayers’.   Read more

1 Ground breaking prayer ceremony April

The Headmaster together with the  Country Representative –Kenya of Orphan Outreach, the Quantity Surveyor, the architect, the engineer, the contractor, the Elder and the Head boy and Head girl from Patmos School.

UK Supporter donates funds for steel plates 

On the 10th April, 2019 with funds sent by a kind donor from the UK, the Headmaster was able to purchase 120 durable steel plates for use by the school children.  Under the School Feeding Programme, Patmos School provides a breakfast of porridge for the children as well as a daily meal of maize and beans.

This kind donor and his family have been supporting the school for several years and have in the past taken part in a Christmas Day Charity Swim to raise funds for the school.

The Headmaster with some of the steel plates.

Patmos School Children receive health checks 

On the 2nd and 3rd April, 2019, local doctor, Dr.Daniel Okal Busela, carried out health checks on a total of 134 children from Patmos School and administered a course of de-worming tablets as well as oral vitamin supplements to the children. The doctor indicated that in general the health of the majority of the children was quite good.  However, 18 children were found to be suffering from medical conditions including malaria, URTIs and fungal infections.  The children  received treatment for those conditions and will be closely monitored by the doctor in the coming days and weeks.  Read more

5 Deworming April 2019.jpg

Dr. Dan examining one of the Patmos School children.

Donation of Solar Lanterns facilitated by First Access Japan

On the 29th  March, 2019 Yoshihisa Ohno,  Chairman of First Access, Japan, facilitated the donation of 44 solar lanterns to Patmos School.  Twenty of these lanterns were for distribution to children at the school and the remaining 24 were donated to families in the Headmaster’s home region of  Mount Elgon in Kenya.  Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya was responsible for overseeing the distribution of the lanterns and the  selection of the recipient children and families.  

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D Light solar lantern donation First Acc

Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya with the 44 solar lanterns prior to distribution to some of the school children.

Environment Trip to Karura Forest

On the 21st March, 2019 which was World Tree Planting Day, at the kind invitation of Claire Nasike,  Founder of The Humming Bird Foundation, 20 pupils from Patmos School together with one of the school social workers, were invited to go on an environment trip to the Harura Forest. 


As well as listening to talks by the tour guides, the children were also able to actively participate in tree planting as well as pruning and weeding.

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Karura 5 Forest Trip April 2019.jpg

Patmos School children planting a tree at Karura Forest.

Patmos pupils relocate to temporary school

In January 2019, with funds raised by Orphan Outreach supporters,  a temporary school building was erected in a neighbouring area in Mathare.


In March with the completion of the new temporary school building and the relocation of the school kitchen and Freshlife toilets, all the pupils were able to transfer to the new building and continue with their lessons.


 This temporary relocation of the school will enable a permanent school building to be constructed on the existing site of Patmos School.  Read more


Relocation to temporary school building 4th March 2019

Educational trip to Giraffe Centre

On the 6th February, 2019 a group of  45 children from Patmos School, together with Teacher Judtith Nyapera and Christabel who is one of the school social worker, went on a Conservation and  Ecology trip that had been organised by the Education Department of The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya.

This educational trip and the whole experience will have been immensely beneficial for these children most of whom rarely get to visit anywhere outside of Mathare. 



Seeing the wildlife up close.       

6th Feb 2019

Volunteer from USA visits school

In February 2019 Allie Mullin from the USA paid a second visit to Patmos School to volunteer her services there from the 11th February - 1st March, 2019. Allie had previously visited the school with a Medical Mission group in August 2018 and subsequently stayed on in Nairobi to help at the school.


Below is a Report produced by Corazon Milimu, one of the school social workers, which describes the volunteer work Allie was involved with and the impact her presence at the school had on children and staff.



Allie Mullin teaching class

11th Feb 2019

Orphan Outreach donation

In January 2019 at the start of the new school year, with funds from Orphan Outreach supporters, the Headmaster was able to purchase stationery supplies for the first term.  These items included, exercise books for pre-school, lower and upper primary children as well as pens, rulers, lesson planners, registers, chalks and many other essential items for the teachers.  Read more


Part of the donation by Orphan Outreach

14th Jan 2019

Teachers attend Tusome Workshops

In December 2018 the Headmaster and teachers from Grades 1,2 and 3 classes attended a  two day Tusome Literacy Programme workshop.   

 Tusome has carried out  their own research on the benefits of this programme for primary school children since it was first introduced in 2015. 



Teachers from Patmos School attend the workshop.    13th and 14th Dec 2018

Headmaster visits the school goat farm

In late December 2018 the Headmaster visited the Goat Farm to check on the health of the goats He reported that the goats were doing well. The recent rains had resulted in plenty of natural grass being available for grazing. One of the elderly goats recently died and there now remains 13 goats of which 5 are female goats, 2 male goats and 6 kids.


 The profit from the goat milk sales in 2018 will provide sufficient funds for the purchase of 15 sets of school uniforms for some of the most needy children at Patmos School.   These uniforms will be made by the Patmos Women’s Tailoring Group.  

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Headmaster visits the school goat farm

18th Dec 2018

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