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Maize and Bean Harvest 2022

In late December, during the Christmas school break, the Founder and Director of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, visited the school maize farm.  The harvest in 2022 yielded 71 x 90 KG bags of maize and 2 x 90KG bags of beans.  Some of this food will be used in the School Feeding Program whilst the remainder will be sold to raise funds to purchase other items of food.


Because of the current high cost of fertiliser and for land rental, Richard has only rented 4 acres of land for the 2023 season.

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Maize 1 harvest 2022.jpg

 Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, with some of the bags of maize.  December 2022

Outstanding Results in the KCPE Exams


In November 2022  pupils in the Grade 8 class sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.  We are delighted to report that all 12 students did exceptionally well in those exams with many of them attaining scores above 300 which is well above the national 250 mark average score.  The mean score for all 12 pupils who sat these exams was 300.67.  Well done Patmos Cottage School children and teachers!

In March 2022 another group of Grade 8 pupils sat their exams and achieved equally remarkable results.

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GRade 8 pupils sitting the KCPE exams Nov 2022.jpg

The 12 pupils from the Grade 8 class who achieved amazing results in their recent KCPE exams.  December 2022

Patmos Cottage School Christmas Party

On Friday 9th December, 2022 Patmos Cottage School held a very colourful end of year Christmas party for pupils, staff, invited guests and community elders. In total 206 pupils, 30 staff members and 14 elders attended this event.

For many children living in disadvantaged communities and informal settlements like Mathare, they will never have received a Christmas or birthday gift or been treated to a special meal.  Their parents/guardians who are often living on subsistence incomes simply would not be able to afford it.   Therefore, the school Christmas party provides an opportunity for them to experience the joy and spirit of Christmas. 

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Christmas party 1 Dec 2022.jpg

Patmos Cottage School Christmas Party.  December 2022

Vocational Bible Study Event December 2022       

​Between the 5th and 8th December, 2022 pupils at Patmos Cottage School attended a Vocational Bible Study event at the school.  Vocational Bible Study, (VBS) is a fun-filled program many churches offer, usually during the summer months or at the end of the school year, to connect with the children and families in their communities.  It is an outreach event and the purpose is to incorporate themed activities that entertain children with the chance also to learn about God.  VBS is a popular end of term activity for Christians and non-Christians alike.

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VBS picture.jpg

Graduates attending a teaching session at the VBS event.  December 2022

Kind sponsor from UK donates funds for party.

A kind sponsor from the United Kingdom donated some funds to go towards the school Christmas party.  With those funds Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya (Founder of the school), was able to purchase soft drinks as well as cooking oil and other food items.


This sponsor has been a dear Friend of Patmos Cottage  School for many years and during that time  she has sponsored a young girl through her primary and junior school studies at the school and is now continuing to sponsor her with her secondary school fees.   Thank you Viv!

Refreshments xmas party donated by Viv Dec 2022.jpg

 Refreshments and other food items bought for the Christmas party.  December 2022

Two Day Team-Building and Leadership Skills Event.


Yatima Outreach held its annual team building activity on the 1st and 2nd December 2022. It brought together Yatima Outreach employees from all its centres within and outside Nairobi. Patmos Cottage School was represented by Heads of Department and also included the school Director/Administrator Mr Richard Wanjala Manya, the Assistant Administrator, the Head teacher, Mrs. Masinde, as well as the head of the social work department and colleagues from the accounts department.  

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Team 2 Building Dec 2022.JPG

Mr. Tom Wambulwa, Country Director, and Yatima Outreach colleagues at the Two Day Team-Building event.  December 2022

Grade 6 Pupils sit their National Exams in November

On 28th and 29th November, 2022 pupils in the current Grade 6 Class at Patmos Cottage School sat their national exams.

The Ministry of Education in Kenya are implementing a new educational system which commences January 2023, whereby the 2022 Grade 6 pupils and all Grade 6 pupils in subsequent years will sit a national exam.  The current Grade 6 pupils will then transition to a government ‘junior secondary’ school in January 2023.  

We wish all the Grade 6 pupils well in their exams.



Grade 6 pupils sitting Nationa exams Nov 2022.jpg

The Grade 6 pupils who sat their National Exams on the 28th and 29th November, 2022

Grade 8 Pupils sit their KCPE exams in November       

On the 28th and 29th November, 2022  the 12 pupils in the Grade 8 class sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

The results of these exams will determine which secondary schools these children will be able to attend next year.  The teachers have worked extremely hard to prepare the children for these exams and the children are determined to do their very best.  We wish them all well!

GRade 8 pupils sitting the KCPE exams Nov 2022.jpg

The Grade 8 pupils who sat their KCPE exams on 28th/29th November 2022

Prayer Day Ceremony for Grade 8 and Grade 6 pupils

On 27th November 2022 a Prayer Day ceremony took place at Patmos Cottage School for the class 8 pupils who would be sitting their KCPE exams and for the current Grade 6 pupils who for the first time would be sitting a national exam.  


The ceremony was presided over by the Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Pastor Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya of the Evangelical Bible Ministry Church and it was attended by parents, teachers and the children.  

Prayer Day Ceremony Nov 2022.jpg

 Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Pastor Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya led the prayers for the Grade 8 and Grade 6 pupils.   November 2022

Graduation Ceremony for PP2 children at Patmos Cottage School


On 25th November 2022 Patmos Cottage school held a graduation ceremony for PP2 pupils. The event was to celebrate these children transitioning to Grade 1 in January 2023 and was attended by parents/guardians, teachers and all the school children.

As well as performances from the current PP1 and Grade 5 classes, there was a celebration cake and each of the graduates received a certificate of achievement.  The event was organized by PP2 Class teacher Madam Resquiter Imali.

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Graduation 4 PP2 photos Nov 2022.jpg

 Class teacher Madam Resquiter Imali with the PP2 pupils who will be transitioning to Grade 1 in 2023.  November 2022 .

Parents' Meeting at Patmos Cottage School

On 24th November, 2022 at the close of the school year, a parents’ meeting was held at which over 100 parents/guardians were in attendance.  The meeting lasted for 2 hours during which the head school social worker and the school academic master encouraged the parents to create a good learning environment at home for the children during the long school break. 


The Director and Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Mr Richard Wanjala Manya, then addressed the parents and gave a school progress report, he also highlighted all the events and developments that had happened at the school during the 2022 school year.



Parents Meeting November 2022.jpg

The Founder and Director of Patmos Cottage School addressing parents/guardians at the parents' meeting.  November 2022

School Healthcare Program                   2022

On the 17th and 18th November, 2022  Doctor Daniel Okal Busela , together with his nurse, carried out health checks on the children at Patmos Cottage School as well as administering deworming preparations at his clinic on the respective dates. 

Whilst the majority of the children were reported to be in good health, some children needed treatment for fungal and intestinal worm infections.

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Healthcare 6 Prog Nov 2022.jpg

Dr. Daniel Okal Busela carrying out health checks on children at Patmos Cottage School.  November 2022

KNEC National Education Projects

In August children at Patmos Cottage School  participated in Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) national education projects. These included a music project where parents and guardians were invited to attend the event as well as an agriculture project which entailed the children rearing chicks and learning about the importance of good husbandry resulting in healthy chicks.


The home science projects focused on teaching the children the method of stewing foods such as potatoes and green bananas.

Home 1 science lessons August 2022.jpg

 Patmos Cottage School children learning about the method of stewing during a Home Science class.  August 2022

Footprints Program (KIOTA) for parents held at Patmos Cottage School

On the 26th August, 2022 the KIOTA Footprints program was held at the school for parents and guardians of the school children.  The KIOTA program is a grassroots initiative meant to encourage youth civic responsibility and leadership development among young people in vulnerable communities.  Working within different schools within Mathare they are able to engage with young children and focus on reshaping the mindsets of these children.  Through 'change talks' they prompt young people to think further on how to individually contribute to change in their community.  Chess is also taught to the children and continuously used to mentor them and nurture critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills.

Footprints program Kiota July 2022.jpeg

Parents and Guardians attending the Footprints Program which was held at Patmos Cottage School.  August 2022  

Patmos Cottage School - solar panels cleaned.

Periodical cleaning of the solar panels on the school roof commenced last year to help reduce dust accumulating on the panels.  During the month of July a comprehensive clean of the panels was completed. 


We are pleased to report that this has resulted in improved lighting of the school premises and a good supply of water from the school bore hole.




Solar 1 panel cleaning August 2022.jpg

In July the solar panels on the school roof were cleaned.
July 2022

Patmos Cottage School receives stationery supplies

In July 2022 Patmos Cottage School received a donation of stationery supplies. Those children in Pre-School received pencils, rubbers and sharpeners and the Primary school children were issued with biro pens.

The school is grateful to Yatima Outreach for this kind donation.

Stationery donation August 2022.jpg

Patmos Cottage School children receiving pens and pencils at the start of the new school term.  July 2022

Visit by County Regional Director of Education

On the 13th July a preparation meeting was held at Patmos Cottage School ahead of the visit by the County Regional Director of Education (RDE) on the 15th July.  The meeting was attended by Directors of APBET schools within the Hospital ward Mathare. 

APBET schools (Alternative Providers of Basic Education and Training) are a significant provider of education in Kenya; particularly in urban, informal settlements. 

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Visit 4 CRD Education July 2022.jpg

 The Founder and Director of Patmos Cottage School, Mr Richard Wanjala Manya,was the school host for this meeting.  July 2022

School Maize Farm -Update


In July the maize farm manager reported that this year due to insufficient rains, the bean crop has only just been planted.  The cost of fertiliser has risen significantly and is now double last year’s price.  Therefore, in an attempt to get the best results from fewer bags of fertiliser, the farm worker has had to space the maize crop out this year.  The beans  will be intercropped with the maize. The Founder of Patmos Cottage School plans to visit the school maize farm in mid August.


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The maize and beans grown at the school maize farm are used in the School Feeding Program.  July 2022  

The Day of the African Child

On the 11th July, 2022 two pupils from Patmos Cottage School represented the school at The Day of the African Child event which was hosted by The Alliance Francaise in Nairobi.  The theme of this event was 'Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children : Progress on Policy Practice since 2013 and promoting children's rights and welfare issues'.


The Day of the African Child (DAC) is celebrated at the same time every year and is a time for the world to reflect on the progress made towards children's rights, as well as the barriers they continue to face.



Day of the African Child July 2022.jpg

The Day of the African Child event hosed by The Alliance Francaise in Nairobi.  July 2022

End of Term Assembly and Awards Ceremony

On the morning of 1st July, 2022, during the end of term school assembly, an awards ceremony took place for those pupils who had significantly improved their academic performance during the term.


In the afternoon, parents and guardians of the children were invited to attend the school where they were updated on school matters and were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Awards Ceremony June 2022.jpg

The Founder and Director of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya, presenting the awards.  July 2022

School Head teachers and Directors Seminar

On the 30th June, 2022 the Headteacher of Patmos Cottage School, Peragia Masinde, alongside other school teachers, attended a seminar organised by Plan International in conjunction with AstraZeneca.  The seminar focused on awareness and the prevention of non-communicable diseases among school children.

In 2010 Plan International partnered with AstraZeneca, a global, science-led pharmaceutical company, to become a founding member of Young Health Program.  The global program empowers young people to live healthier lives and create change in their communities.  


Headteachers and School Directors seminars June 2022.jpg

 The Head teacher, Mrs. Peragia Masinde, attended the Head teachers and Directors seminar organised by Plan International.  June 2022

The President of Orphan Outreach USA visits School


On the 28th June, 2022 the  President of Orphan Outreach USA, Mr. Rey Diaz, and the Vice President of Programs, Katherine Cheng visited Patmos Cottage School.  They were accompanied by Breann Schwasinger who works alongside Katherine as well as Yatima Outreach corporate staff.  The guests were given a guided tour by the Founder of the school, Mr Richard Wanjala Manya, and the Head teacher Peragia Masinde.  The visitors were very impressed with the school and the efforts of the staff to provide good educational and pastoral support to the children.  Orphan Outreach have been supporting and working alongside Patmos Cottage School  since 2012.

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Visit 4 by Rey June 2022.jpg

In June the President of Orphan Outreach, Mr. Rey Diaz, visited Patmos Cottage School.  June 2022

Student Council General Elections

On the 10th June Patmos Cottage School held elections to appoint pupils to the Students’ Council.  Among those elected were the President, Vice President as well as  Senators and Governors for the various classes.


Thereafter, on the 14th June an induction session was held by the deputy Headteacher when the roles of the incoming prefects were outlined.  

Student Council General Elections June 2022.jpg

In June Student Council Elections were held at Patmos Cottage School.  June 2022 

National Research Foundation Consortium

On the 3rd and 4th June, two senior teachers from Patmos Cottage School attended the State House Girls’ Secondary School, Nairobi where a National Research Foundation (NRF) Consortium event was held. 


Patmos Cottage School had previously participated in a collaborative research project with NRF on enhancing mental health and psycho-social support to address the effects of covid-19 among primary and secondary schools.  Feedback from the research project was provided to the teachers and they were empowered to support pupils going forward based on the findings.


National Research Foundation June 2022.jpg

Two senior teachers from Patmos Cottage School attended a National Research Foundation event.  June 2022

School Healthcare Program                   2022

On the 7th and 8th June, 2022 Dr. Daniel Busela, a local doctor in Mathare who has been supporting the children at Patmos Cottage School over many years, carried out health checks on 210 children at the school.

The children were also given oral vitamin supplements and deworming preparations.

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Healthcare prog June 2022.jpg

 Dr. Daniel Busela and his nurse carrying out health checks on the children at Patmos Cottage School. June 2022

Patmos Cottage School welcomes Mr. Stephen Spencer


On Friday the 3rd of June 2022, Patmos Cottage School was delighted to receive a very distinguished guest.  Mr. Stephen W. Spencer, who donated the funds for the construction of the new school building, visited the school and met with the staff and children.

Mr Spencer was accompanied by the Director of Yatima Outreach Mr Tom Wambulwa and the Founder of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya.


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Stephen Spencer visit June 2022.jpg

Mr. Stephen Spencer being presented with the plaque by the Founder and Director of Patmos Cottage School, Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya. June 2022

Library Books donated by Yatima Outreach.

On the 13th May, 2022 Patmos School received a consignment of Grade 6 text books from Yatima Outreach.  These books are for the pioneer Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) program. 


There are seven core competencies in CBC.  These are: communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, imagination and creativity, citizenship, learning to learn, self-efficacy and digital literacy.  The competencies are embedded in all the learning areas at all the levels. 

Library books donation May 2022.jpg

The donation of Grade 6 text books for use in the Competency Based Curriculum at Patmos School.  May 2022 

Visitors from the USA 

On the 28th April, 2022 two visitors from the USA , David Hamitton and Mark Nsimbi spent time at Patmos School during a recent trip to Nairobi.  They are already working with a local organisation and were very interested to see the infrastructure at the school and to learn and understand more about working with vulnerable children.

Guiding the visitors through the school curriculum and programs were Tom Wambulwa of Yatima Outreach, Richard Wanjala Manya, the Founder and Director of Patmos School, and the Headmistress Peragia Masinde.


Visitors 3 from the USA April 2022.jpg

The visitors from the USA met with the Founder and staff at Patmos School and spent time with the children.  April 2022

The Start of the new School Term - April 2022

In Kenya, schools resumed on 26th of April for the 2022 academic year after a 7 week school break that the government declared. During the long holiday, Patmos school organised several non-academic activities that were aimed at keeping children productively occupied during the school break.  This included a mentorship and graduate program as well as a  Vacation Bible School event amongst other activities 


Patmos School also continued to provide daily meals for the children under the School Feeding Program.

Start of the new term May 2022.jpg

 The start of the new school term.  April 2022

Congratulations to Vivian!


A 14 year old girl from Patmos School who in April scored the highest grades in the school in her  KCPE exams, has been offered a place in one of the most prominent girls’ schools in the country.


We are also delighted to report that all 13 children from Patmos School who sat their KCPE exams attained the requisite grades and were offered places in  secondary schools. We wish Vivian and all the children all the very best for their future studies.   

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Vivian top KCPE grades April 2022.jpg

This young girl from Patmos School has just been awarded a place at a prestigious secondary school in Kenya.  April 2022

Maize Farm Project 2022

During the April school break, the Founder of Patmos School, Richard Wanala Manya, visited the school maize farm.  He reported that he had been able to secure a new area with fallow land and had negotiated a cheaper rental payment for this land. The soil is arable and good for agriculture.  As the cost of fertiliser this year has doubled it was decided to rent only 4 acres of land in 2022.  

The maize and beans grown at the farm help to support the School Feeding Program.

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Maize 3 farm April 2022.jpg

The 4 acres of land at the school maize farm bring prepared ahead of planting.  April 2022

Vacation Bible School

During the last week of March 2022 Patmos School children attended a Vacation Bible School (VBS).  This is an outreach event and the purpose is to incorporate themed activities that entertain children with the chance also to learn about God.


Vacation Bible School is a popular end of year/term activity for Christians and non-Christians alike. Churches generally run VBS for a week, and each program has its own theme that children can explore in a fun way through lessons, games and activities.

VBS 3 March 2022.jpg

Children of all ages from Patmos School attended the VBS event held in March 2022.

Patmos School children achieve outstanding KCPE results!


 In March 2022  children in the Grade 8 class at Patmos School sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams (KCPE).  

It is with great pride that Patmos School can announce that these children achieved amazing results in those exams and Patmos School an unprecedented mean score of 322.64

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KCPE pupils March 2022.jpg

 The pupils who in March 2022 sat their KCPE exams and achieved amazing results!

Graduation Ceremony for pupils in PP2 class


The Graduation Ceremony took place on 9th March, 2022 at 11.00 am. with a procession marching from outside the school compound all the way to the playground on the second floor of the school building.  It was led by the graduates, fellow pupils, parents/guardians and teachers.

The 19 graduates were aged between 6 - 7 years.

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Graduation 1 ceremony March 2022.jpg

Pupils graduating from the Infants to the Juniors at Patmos School.  March 2022

Orphan Outreach donate funds for stationery

In February with funds provided by Orphan Outreach (Yatima Outreach) pencils, rubbers and exercise books were distributed to some of the children.  The children are allocated these items as and when they are needed rather than distributing a full set of stationery to each child at the beginning of every term as used to be the case. 

This has proven to be a more cost effective way of ensuring best use of funds that are donated to the school.



Stationery 1and exercise books March 2022.jpeg

Patmos School children receiving pencils and rubbers with funds provided by Orphan Outreach.

Parents/Teachers Evening at end of term.

At the end of term, the Head teacher and staff at Patmos School organised a Parents/Teachers evening for the parents and guardians of Patmos School children.


Present at that meeting were the Founder of Patmos School Mr. Richard Wanjala Manya together with the Head teacher Mrs. Peragia Masinde and heads of departments.  The head of the school  social work department was also in attendance as well as the Yatima Outreach High School Sponsorship officer and the local village Elder.

Parents evening March 2022.jpeg

A parents/teachers evening was held at Patmos School at the end of term.  

End off Term School Ceremony


On the 4th March, 2022 Patmos School children had a fun day at the End of Term Closing Ceremony.


Staff had organised lots of activities for the children including poetry recital, dancing and singing.

School closing ceremony March 2022 (2).jpeg

 Patmos School children had a fun day on the last day of term.

Prayer Service held for pupils sitting KCPE exams


In February a Prayer Service was held at Patmos School for those pupils in the Grade 8 class who were sitting their KCPE exams. The service was attended by parents and guardians of the children.  The children expressed confidence and had high hopes of performing well in the exams.

To help best prepare the pupils for these important exams, teachers have been running Saturday classes at Patmos School.  This was to ensure that the pupils had all covered the syllabus in full and to allow for revision of subjects.

Prayer 1 service for KCPE pupils March 2022.jpg

A Prayer Service was held for those pupils sitting their KCPE exams.

Orphan Outreach donate funds for school uniforms

In February with funds provided by Orphan Outreach (Yatima Outreach) school uniforms and warm sweaters were distributed to those children who were most in need of a new uniform. 


In total 15 dresses, 9 shirts,  6 pairs of shorts and 22 woollen sweaters were given to the children.  All these items of uniform were made by local people in Mathare.

School uniforms February 2022.jpg

Some of the Patmos School children wearing their new school uniforms.  February 2022

Officials from MOE carry out Covid 19 impact survey

On the 17th February, 2022  officials from the Ministry of Education in Kenya attended Patmos School to carry out a quality assessment exercise.  This was  in connection with Covid 19 impact data they are collecting from schools in the Nairobi region. 


Pupils and staff were all asked to participate in the assessment procedure and were encouraged to give their experiences of how the covid 19 pandemic impacted them.  


Covid 19 MOE assessment Feb 2022.jpg

Officials from the Ministry of Education engaging with pupils at Patmos School during their quality assessment visit.

Strategic Planning Workshop February 2022


On the 10th February, 2022 a Strategic Planning Workshop (School Strategic Plan, Development and Methodology) was held at ACK Guest House in Nairobi.   Leaders and Heads of Departments from ACK Madeleine School in Bungoma, The Naroshi Foundation in Narok and Patmos School (Yatima Outreach) in Nairobi attended this workshop. 

Mr. Ombado who is an expert and consultant in strategic planning for community organisations presided over the event. 

Strategic 2 planning workshop Feb 2022.jpg

 Bishop George Mechumo, Leaders and Heads of Departments who attended the Strategic Planning Workshop in February.

The Start of a New School Term - January 2022


The new school term commenced on the 4th January, 2022.  Patmos School children and staff were happy to be back at school after a short break.

Because of the disruption to the normal school calendar as a result of the covid-19 pandemic these past two years, this term will be slightly shorter than usual with schools closing on the 4th March.  The end of term exams will take place at the end of February.

We wish all the pupils and staff well for the 2022 school year!

patmos school children Feb 2022.jpg

Patmos School Children happy to be back at school in January 2022.

School Maize Farm Project 2022

In November 2021 a total of 87 x 90Kg bags of maize were harvested at the school maize farm.  The maize and beans which are grown at the farm are used in the School Feeding Program at Patmos School.


This year the school will continue to rent 5 acres of land and the maize will be intercropped with beans.  

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Maize Farm Dec 2021.jpg

Founder and Administrator of Patmos School, Richard Wanjala Manya, with some of the sacks of maize.

End of Year Staff Meeting and Party.  

On 17th December 2021 Patmos School staff held an end of year meeting at which each member of staff was encouraged to share their thoughts, observations and recommendations.


There were closing speeches from the Headteacher, deputy Headteacher, Head of Social Work, Assistant Administrator and the Head cook. 


All staff were served with snacks and  lunch to celebrate the  end of the school year.


Staff end of year meeting and party 2021.jpg

Patmos School staff attending the End of Year Meeting and Party.

End of Year Parents Meeting and Staff Awards


On 17th December, 2021 Patmos School held a parents meeting at the school from 2pm-4pm.


As well as discussing matters of school policy and pupil and school academic performance, awards were presented to members of staff in recognition of long service and dedication to the school.

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Parents 2 Day Meeting Dec 2021.jpg

 Parents and Guardians attending the Parents Meeting and Staff Awards at Patmos School.

Kenya National Education Council organise Projects

During the last week of term various activities and projects were organised by the Ministry of Education through the Kenya National Examinations Council   (KNEC)  country wide for Grades 3, 4 and 5.


The projects included cultural activities outlining the importance of a wholesome diet, this was done using traditional songs and dances and improvised market scenes.

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Market scene Dec 2021.jpg

Patmos School children enacting a traditional market scene.

Patmos School Christmas Party 2021

On Saturday 18th December, 2021 Patmos School held the Christmas party.  In total 206 children attended this event as well as school staff.


A wonderful day was had by everyone and events included face painting, singing, traditional dance and dance competitions and culminating in a lovely meal.


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Christmas 1 party 2021.jpg

Children and staff at Patmos School enjoying the Christmas party.

Patmos School Healthcare Program December 2021


On Thursday 9th and Friday 10th December, 2021 Dr Daniel Okal Busela, a local doctor in Mathare, carried out the second of the twice yearly health checks on children at Patmos School.  In total the doctor and his nurse examined 181 pupils.


The children were also given oral vitamin supplements and deworming preparations.



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Healthcare 3 check Nov 2021.jpg

 Patmos School children receiving health checks from Dr Dan and his nurse.  December 2021

Orphan Outreach supporters donate funds for text books


On the 30th November with funds donated by Orphan Outreach supporters a supply of text books were purchased.  There were sufficient quantities of text books to ensure every child in each of the Grades were able to access a copy.  Story books were purchased for  children in the younger classes.  We are delighted to report that the school library is now well stocked and children and teachers have no problem accessing school text books. 


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Donation of books Nov 2021.jpg

Headmistress of Patmos School, Mrs. Peragia Masinde (right) receiving text books from Yatima Outreach staff.

Two day Team-Building and Leadership Skills event.

On Friday 26th and Saturday 27th November, 2021 there was a Two Day Team-Building Event which was organised by Yatima Outreach for the Management and Heads of Department at Patmos School.  The event took place at Ufungamano and Oak place respectively and members consisted of a team from Yatima Outreach and Patmos School and Yatima Corporate office staff and ACK Madeleine School from Bungoma. 

TEam building event Nov 2021.jpg

Staff from Yatima Outreach, Patmos School and ACK Madeleine School, Bungoma attend two day Team-Building Event. 

Daystar University Nairobi run Two Day Training event

 In October a team from Daystar University, Nairobi  visited Patmos School and conducted a two day training event focused on Child Protection in the interest of safeguarding the school children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect.  The target group for this training was Patmos School teachers and social workers.


The event ran from the 4th – 6th October 2021 and the sessions comprised of lectures as well as practical sessions. A total of 20 staff attended this training event.

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Daystar 16 training Occt 2021.jpeg

Teachers and Social Workers from Patmos School with their Champions of Child Protection Certificates.

Children receive new school uniforms


On the 30th September, 2021 Orphan Outreach supporters kindly provided funds for school uniforms for some of the children who desperately needed new school sweaters, dresses, shirts and shorts. 


In total 35 pairs of shorts, 20 dresses, 12 shirts and 20 sweaters were distributed to children.  

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School 3 uniform donation Oct 2021.jpg

 Orphan Outreach supporters fund school uniforms for some of the children.  September 2021

Women in Action visit Patmos School


On the 24th September, 2021 a team from Women in Action (WIA), an organisation which is based in South Africa, visited Patmos School. 

The month of September was 'Cancer Awareness Month' and the team from WIA were visiting schools and colleges throughout the region with the aim of promoting cancer awareness with a particular focus on cervical cancer.


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Women 1 in Action Sept 2021.jpg

Women in Action visit Patmos School during Cancer Awareness month.  September 2021

Patmos School Feeding Program.  July 2021 

At Patmos School under the School Feeding Program we aim to provide  all children with a breakfast of porridge and a daily meal.  At the start of the new school term in July 2021 Patmos School introduced boiled eggs into the diet.  Currently once a month all the children receive boiled eggs as well as porridge for their breakfast. School meals protect vulnerable children from hunger and offer a regular source of nutrients essential for the mental and physical development of young children. A full stomach gives children an opportunity to focus on learning at school.

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Boiled eggs for breakfast Sept 2021.jpg

A pupil at Patmos School receiving a boiled egg for breakfast.  The children are also served a bowl of porridge. 

The Start of a New School Term - July 2021

Lessons resumed at Patmos School on the 26th July, 2021.  Because of the disruption to the school learning calendar in 2020 as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the first term will finish on the 1st October, 2021. 

There are currently 12 teaching staff at Patmos School, including the Headmistress Peragia Masinde.  This term 32 new children were enrolled at the school in July taking the total number of pupils to 209 (115 girls and 94 boys).

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Headmistress Peragia and teaching staff Sept 2021.jpg

Headmistress Peragia Masinde and the teaching staff at Patmos School.  July 2021

Grade 8 Pupils graduate to Secondary School

Patmos School pupils in the Grade 8 class received their results from the KCPE exams which they sat in May.  We are pleased to say that in July they were all  awarded placements at secondary schools.  With the help of supporters from Orphan Outreach, as well as sponsors from the United Kingdom, who helped to fund secondary school tuition fees as well as uniforms, stationery and books, all these children were able to continue with their studies into higher education.

secondary school children receiving cheques and items.jpg

 Grade 8 pupils receiving stationery and other items ahead of commencing their studies at secondary school.

Presentation Ceremony on last day of term


In July Founder/Administrator of Patmos School Richard Wanjala Manya addressed the pupils and staff.  He delivered a speech designed to encourage and motivate the children to make good use of their time at home before the resumption of studies.   Richard then proceeded to present certificates to children in all age groups who had worked particularly hard this last term to improve their grades.

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Richard addressing pupils Sept 2021 (1).jpg

Founder and Administrator of Patmos School, Richard Wanjala Manya addressing pupils at a presentation ceremony on the last day of term.

Medics Without Borders visit Patmos School

 Patmos School was grateful to Medics Without Borders (MSF) who recently sent a community outreach team to the school.  The team conducted a week long event on Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and children from all the classes were involved in  age appropriate sessions.  MSF have been working on sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in  Mathare for over a decade.

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MSF 2 visit school 2021.jpg

Medics Without Borders visit Patmos School to deliver Gender Based Violence awareness event.

Patmos School children play scrabble

In July 2021Patmos School purchased some board games for the children to play including snakes and ladders and scrabble.

It is hoped that by playing these games and teaching in a fun way, it will help to improve the children's spelling and their numeracy skills.


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scrabble 4 2021.jpeg

Patmos School  children playing scrabble with their teacher.  July 2021

Headteacher's Report

July 2021

In November 2020 Patmos School were delighted to welcome Mrs. Peragia Masinde as the new Headteacher.  

To read her report on her experiences in the old school building and the transformation to learning the new school has brought, please click below.

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Headmistress Peragia Masinde.jpg

 Headteacher Peragia Masinde who joined Patmos School in November 2020.  

Student Council Elections 


In June 2021 Patmos School held Student Council Elections. Children were nominated and put their names forward on a chart for the various positions to be filled, namely President, Vice-President as well as departmental prefects.

Children were eligible to vote from the Grade 1 class to Grade 7.  One of the aims of the Student Council is to develop leadership skills.

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student 3 council elections.jpeg
student 2 council elections 2021.jpeg

In June 2021 Patmos School held Student Council Elections.

Patmos School Healthcare Program May 2021 

 On 20th May, 2021 Dr. Daniel Okal Busela and his nurse Joy visited Patmos School where they carried out  health checks on 172 children.  The children were checked for signs of malnutrition and for those children who were found to be suffering from minor ailments such as fungal infections, they were prescribed the necessary medication.  

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Deworming prog May 2021.jpg

Dr. Daniel Okal Busela and his nurse Joy carrying out health checks at Patmos School May 2021.

Patmos School distributes water to families in local community

Patmos School is still playing a vital role in the community during the Covid-19 pandemic by providing access to the school bore hole to families.


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Water 1 distri 2021.jpg

Patmos School distributing water from the school bore hole to families in the community.  April 2021

Computer lessons at Patmos School April 2021

We are delighted to report that with funds kindly donated by Orphan Outreach supporters, Patmos School now has internet connection and a number of computers and is able to include computer classes in the school curriculum for the first time.

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Computer 1 classes 2021.jpeg
computer 3 classes 2021.jpeg

 Computer lessons at Patmos School.  

Vacation Bible School 


During the last week of April 2021, pupils at Patmos School attended a Vacation Bible School event at the school.

Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a fun-filled program many churches offer, usually during the summer (“vacation”) months, to connect with the children and families in their communities.

VBS April 2021.jpg

Children at Patmos School attending a Vacation Bible School class.  April 2021

Easter break at Patmos School 

On Friday 26th March, 2021 Patmos School children started their Easter school break having completed their first term in the new Patmos School building.

This will be an extended school break this year with schools not returning until 10th May, 2021. In Kenya the  Grade 8 pupils will be sitting their KCPE exams in April and schools will be used as examination centres.

We give thanks to the teaching staff and all the staff at Patmos School for their hard work and dedication. 

Teaching staff Feb 2021.jpg
Headteacher Peragia Masinde Feb 2021.JPG

Headmistress Peragia Masinde and the teaching staff at Patmos School.

Patmos School children return to school 

On the 4th January, 2021 Patmos School children were delighted to be able to resume their education in the brand new Patmos School building.


To read about the incredible journey Patmos School has taken from its humble beginnings to the present purpose built school building, please click on the below link:

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Patmos School Building Feb 2021.JPG

The new Patmos School building which was completed in the autumn of 2020.

Patmos School Christmas party

On the 8th December 2020 Patmos School organised a Christmas party for the school children and staff.

The party was held in the brand new Patmos School building.  To read all about the event and to see some wonderful photos please click on the link below:

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Xmas party 2020.jpg
xmas backpacks 2020.jpg

 Patmos school children enjoying their Christmas meal and delighted with their presents which were donated by Orphan Outreach. 

Patmos School Maize Farm Update

At the end of December 2020, Richard Wanjala Manya visited the school maize farm and reported that a total of 53 x 90Kg bags of maize and 2 x 90Kg bags of beans had been harvested.  

The Covid 19 restrictions which have been in place throughout Kenya in 2020 have impacted some farming activities and this has unfortunately resulted in a reduced harvest for 2020. 

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Maize harvest December 2020.jpg

Photo of Richard Wanjala Manya with the maize crop which was harvested in December 2020.

UK Supporter donates funds for food

 In November with funds received from a supporter in the UK, the school was able to purchase 106 x 2kg bags of maize flour and 106 x 1kg bags of rice.  The school was able to distribute food bags to over 100 families.

During the lock down, Patmos School has continued to provide food, water and other essential items to families of the school children.

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UK 1 sponsor food parcels Nov 2020.jpg

Patmos School distributes bags of maize flour and rice to families.  Our thanks to the kind donor who made this possible.

International Photographer Ronnie Mosley from the USA visits Patmos School

In October 2020 renowned photographer, Ronnie Mosley from the USA who is a good friend of Orphan Outreach, visited Patmos School and spent several days meeting with some of the children and their families as well as members of staff. 


During his time in Mathare, Ronnie took videos and photographs of the children in the new Patmos School building which was completed this year.

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Ronnie Mosley USA photographer Oct 2020.

Photographer Ronnie  Mosley from the USA visited Patmos School in October 2020.

Joy FM Radio Station listeners raise funds for meals.

In September, listeners of 99.1 Joy FM in Missouri participated in an on-air fundraiser to provide meals to families in Latin America and Kenya. Orphan Outreach USA  were overwhelmed by their generosity and have distributed thousands of meals to children and families affected by COVID in Guatemala, Honduras, and Kenya, including Patmos School. 

The food parcels were distributed to families at Patmos School and each bag had a personal message label from the donors to the recipient families.

UK sponsor food parcels Nov 2020.jpg

 Donors from the USA funded food parcels for families in Mathare.  

Parents Teacher Association

meeting held in September

On the 25th September, 2020 a Parents/Teacher Association meeting was held at the new Patmos School building.  Over 100 parents and guardians attended the event.

In September some of the classes were able to return to school.  Teachers devised safe systems of tuition at the school which enabled a small number of children to receive instruction at different times of the day. 

Parents Teacher Evening Sept 2020.jpg

Parents and Guardians attending the Parent/Teacher Association meeting at the new Patmos School building in September 2020

Patmos School Maize Farm Update

Unfortunately this year with the covid-19 restrictions in place throughout Kenya which limited movement of people and transport, farming activities have been severely impacted.  This has meant that instead of cultivating 6 acres of crops we have only been able to plant maize and beans on 3 acres of land. 

The first bean harvest earlier in the year  yielded 2 x 90Kg bags of beans.  The maize is due to be harvested in late October.

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Maize 2 harvest sept 2020.jpg

Photo of the maize crop taken in late August 2020

Patmos School provides much needed Breakfast of Porridge

In September Patmos School re-commenced providing a daily breakfast of porridge for at least 50 school children.  They also increased the amounts of food being distributed to families in the community which take place twice a week.

Under the Covid-19 restrictions schools are currently closed in Kenya.

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Porridge Sept 2020.jpg

 Patmos School is providing a breakfast of porridge to some of the most vulnerable children during school closures in Kenya.

Patmos School - update on new school building

 In July and August work progressed at speed  with the installation of the solar panels on the roof being completed.  The carpenter finished work on the classroom shelves and kitchen cupboards and delivery was taken of school desks,  chairs  and benches.

To read more about the construction of the new Patmos School building please click below.

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Solar panels Aug 2020.jpg

Solar panels have been erected on the roof of the new Patmos School building.

Patmos School Children receive Health Checks

On the 13th August, 2020 a total of 152 children from Patmos School were seen by Dr Daniel Okal Busela in the hall of the temporary school building  where they each received a health check  as well as oral vitamin supplements and

de-worming preparations. 


Dr Daniel who was assisted by his nurse Carolyne and teachers, diagnosed 36 children with fungal infections and the children were given treatment for those conditions.

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Deworming 2 Aug 2020.jpg

Dr Daniel Okal Busela giving health checks to Patmos School children. 

Patmos School Teachers organise assessment tests

During the period 20th July through to 10th August, 2020 the teachers at Patmos School conducted assessment exams for all the school children.  Because of the social distancing restrictions which are still in place in Kenya, the school organised three sessions a day at the temporary school building during which three children from each of the 11 classes could sit the exams at given times.  The results of these exams will help the teachers determine those areas of the curriculum that need to be focused on when the Distance Learning Program resumes in September.

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Distance 1 prog.jpg

Patmos School children attending for assessment tests and instruction in the temporary school hall.

Patmos School reaches out to Families in Mathare with further Food and Water Distributions 


In June, July and August further supplies of rice, flour and water were distributed to families of Patmos School children as well as families in the Mathare 4B District.  

School social workers also organised counselling sessions for some of the older pupils.

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Water distribution July 2020.jpg

 Photograph showing families receiving water supplies from the school bore hole.  

Distance Learning Prog and Pupil Support during Covid-19 alert


During this time of temporary school closure, as well as providing outreach support in the community in respect of food and water supplies, the Headmaster together with the teachers and school social workers have also  continued to try and  provide a holistic approach to ensuring the general well-being of the children.  Teachers have also tried to ensure wherever possible that the children have sufficient revision and  home work to do whilst the school is closed.  

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Distance learning June 2020.jpg

A pupil receiving home work from one of the teachers under the Patmos School Distance Learning Prog.

UK Sponsor donates funds to Patmos School for food

In June, a long standing UK supporter who has been sponsoring a pupil at Patmos School for many years, kindly donated funds to enable the purchase of 10 large sacks of flour, each sack contained 12 x 2Kg bags of flour.  The 2kg bags  were then distributed to families of Patmos School children. Patmos School is incredibly grateful for this donation which has made a huge difference to the children, many of whom only receive one meal a day when the school is closed.

To read more about how the school has continued to support the families during the lock down please click below.

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Flour donation Viv June 2020.jpg

The 2Kg bags of sifted maize flour being distributed to families in Mathare.

Rice Distribution to families of Patmos School children

On 13th and 14th May  the Headmaster organised further distributions of  rice to families of Patmos School children.  In total 80 families received 2Kg of rice each.

Since the Kenyan government ordered the temporary closure of schools on 15th March, 2020 the Headmaster and his team have been actively supporting  people in the community. 


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Rice dist May 2020.jpg

Rice being distributed to families in the Mathare 4B District.

Additional land purchased for Patmos School


In April with funding received from an Orphan Outreach supporter, an additional piece of land was purchased for Patmos School.   The land is situated adjacent to the new school building and will provide much needed additional space for the school.  


Land for sale in Mathare does not come on the market very often and therefore it was important to purchase this land for the future security of the school.

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New 1 land purchase May 2020.jpg

 Photograph showing the area of land which has just been purchased.  The dilapidated shack will be demolished.  

Food, Sanitisers and Soap Distribution to Families in Mathare

 On the 15th March, 2020 the Kenyan government, in response to the threat of coronavirus , ordered that primary  and secondary schools be closed with immediate effect.  

Since Patmos School temporarily closed  the Headmaster and staff  have been reaching out to the families  of the school children with food supplies, hand sanitisers and bars of soap.

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Soapa 5 and food April 2020.jpg

The temporary school building is currently being used as a distribution centre for food, sanitisers and soap for families in the community in Mathare.

Update on new Patmos School building

We are delighted to report that work on the new Patmos School building has been progressing well over the last few months.  There is still some internal work that needs to be completed before the school can officially open but we can confirm that the third floor playground has now been completed.  

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New 6 school March 2020.jpg

The new Patmos School building due to be completed soon.

Ecology and Conservation trip to Giraffe Centre

On Friday 13th March, 2020 a total of 48 children from Patmos School, accompanied by 1 teacher and 1 school social worker, went on an Ecology and Conservation trip to the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi. 


Each year the Education department at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya) AFEW, allocate places free of charge to school children who would otherwise not be able to take part in such trips. The Ecology excursion is a special and exciting day’s outing for the children. It starts with a trip to the Nairobi National Park and Animal Orphanage.

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Ecology 8 Trip March 2020.jpg

Patmos School children enjoying an educational visit to The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi.

After School Clubs at Patmos School


In February 2020 a Scouts Club was formed at Patmos School.  The club is aimed at instilling the fundamental basics of Scouting  in the young person and fostering the spirit of fellowship,  respect for God, and patriotism. The scout movement is  dedicated to building character and giving young people the skills to be better people and citizens. 

Patmos School runs many after school clubs including an Environment club and a Music and Drama club.

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Scout Training March 2020.jpg

 Patmos School children attending the newly formed  Scouts Club.

Orphan Outreach and individual donors help former pupils attend secondary school

 We are delighted to report that all the children from the Grade 8 class last year have now taken up places at secondary schools.  Our thanks to Orphan/Yatima Outreach for providing some financial assistance to help these students with their secondary school fees and requirements.   We are also extremely grateful to those individual sponsors who have supported children at Patmos School and who continue to help those children with their secondary school fees.

Group Photo for 7 students, their parent

Headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya, parents and some of the former Patmos School pupils who started secondary school this year.